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Two widowers over 100 years old find love again and celebrate a very special wedding


Two widowers over 100 years old find love again and celebrate a very special wedding

Many people say that it is never too late to find the ideal partner, but if there is anyone willing to give us a true test of this they are John and Phyllis Cook. These are two elders who have just married and are happier than ever with this new opportunity to celebrate their life with someone very special.

John is already 100 years old, while Phyllis is 102.

John is a World War II veteran. He met Phyllis at Kingston Residence for the Elderly.


Many might think that this is a hasty decision, but the sweet couple has been dating together for more than a year and found that they have enormous compatibility. They keep company every day and use small scooters to be able to move from one place to another in the different areas of the home.

“ To be honest, we fell in love . I know it may sound somewhat exaggerated for people my age, but it was just like that. We fell in love with each other . ”

When they made the decision to marry they were still not sure what the date would be. They went to the court to obtain a marriage license and there they received the surprise that they could carry out their procedure immediately to perform the marriage as quickly as possible. It was not what was in their plans but they were more confident than ever of their decision.


“I did not hesitate and said: ‘Let’s do it.'”

The Kingston Residence of Pennsylvania was above the clouds knowing that two of its residents had found love in their home.

They shared the wonderful news through their social networks and made a beautiful reflection to remind us that it is never too late to find true love.


Both John and Phyllis had other marriages in the past and were widowed.

Now, they are willing to make the most of the time ahead. They plan to continue living each one in their apartment but they love to take a walk, to speak and to share the day to day in the home. John lives just above Phyllis so they are always close to help each other and continue working on their beautiful relationship.

Phyllis’s mother lived 106 years old, so longevity runs in her family.


The Cooks look happier than ever. With their history they have managed to inspire thousands of people. We wish you a very happy marriage.

Share this beautiful news that shows us that it is never too late to enjoy life to the fullest and keep looking for love.

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