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20 amazing hairstyling ideas for girls; You have to try them!

girl hairstyle ideas


20 amazing hairstyling ideas for girls; You have to try them!

Girl hAirstyle ideas– Your first stylist was probably your mother, and now the roles have changed. You have noticed that combing the hair of a small person is not as easy as you thought and that you can not leave your hair free all the time since it gets tangled quickly and is more complicated when brushing.

Simple Hairstyles Ideas For girls

You will also remember when your braids were crooked, or your rubber bands burst. Let’s not even talk about the annoying tall pigtails your mom made you; stretched your scalp so much that your eyes ended up looking like those of an Asian girl. If styling is not one of your gifts, these are 20 simple hairstyles so you should try your daughter; They are so cute, they could even wear the same hairstyle without any.

1. Double side braid

Hairstyles for girls with a side braid


Two braids on the side a bit out of tune and a nice brooch is all you need.

2. Multiple queues

Hairstyles for easy girls with multiple ponytail with colored suspenders

Colored leagues, a bit of fixative and … ready!


3. Crest Pigtail

crest ponytail

This hairstyle has a great style.

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4. Three in one

Hairstyles for girls braid heart style

Half ponytail, half braid and only one side game, a pretty creative hairstyle.

5. Double pigtail

two ponytails


These simple twists have reinvented the boring hairstyle of pigtails with the perfect match, now they are more fun.

6. Side knots

knot braid

Who would say that simple knots would make great hairstyles?


7. Low braid

low braid

Two side braids fastened by the underside of his head, you can stop the rest of his hair with a hairpin.

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8. Brigitte Bardot style bows

Hairstyles for girls in the shape of Brigitte Bardot style Bows

Both can wear the same hairstyle.

9. Triple curve

twisted braids


It looks sweet and lovely.

10. High ponytail


With this tall ponytail formed by small ponytails, it will look cute.


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11. Heart

heart braid

You just need to brush your hair well, make 2 small pigtails and run the tip of the second pigtail through the middle part.


12. Pick up spectacular

crooked with crooked

Simply impeccable

13. Simulated half braid

side waterfall


Surely you already know the version of this hairstyle but with braid on one side. This new style with colored rubber bands will facilitate a lot of work when combing your little one.

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14. Elegant bun

Hairstyles for girls in the shape of an elegant bun


A high ponytail with a bun at the top is perfect for any occasion.

15. Practical and simple


Even you will use it.


16. Ponytail


This is a real ponytail, don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use artificial dyes that only last 3 to 5 days.

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17. Cross braid

cross braid

These crossed braids will make you feel at your school.

18. Zigzag

Zigzag ponytail hairstyles for girls


Who said hairstyles were boring?

19. Inverted pigtail

inverted pigtail

With this inverted ponytail, there will be no stretches.


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20. Magic knot


It is small, delicate and easy to make.

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