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This man makes amazing dresses that change their design when worn


This man makes amazing dresses that change their design when worn

Nephi Garcia is a fan of Disney and a father who has united these two passions to design so innovative clothes that they seem magical. The dresses he creates have the particularity of being unpredictable because by moving, the garment can change shape and color. All his creations are made to the measure of his wife and his children who pose bbeside for the photos of his Instagram account, called “designerdaddy” (dad designer).

WittyBubbles gathered for you some pictures of the dresses made by this dad who finds his greatest inspiration in his family.


1. From little girl to princess

2. Belle’s dresses: from farmer to princess

3. For otakus hearts

4. It’s like it’s magic

5. Bibidi Bobidi Bou

6. Well, if you do not like pink, you can go for blue

7. No need to have the Good Fairy godmother when you have a father who has talent

8. It looks like a hallucination, the pink dress has become blue!

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Transformation test! ✅ @hilariousliligarcia #designerdaddy #workinprogress #costume #cosplay #cinderella


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9. We are jealous of this model

10. This is a lucky dummy

11. It’s a great way to wear more than one dress

12. Do you have it for adults?

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Take two!!! What do you guys think??? #icequeen #ice #queen #designerdaddy #transformation #transformationdress #kids #costume #cosplay

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13. So many dresses in one video!

Bonus: here’s how he works

Sometimes, when we struggle to find inspiration and motivation for our work, it is important to remember that often, we must not look very far: perhaps we will find what we need thanks to the love of our loved ones.

Tell us, what is your favorite dress?

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