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This girl suffered anorexia weighing 30 kg, now she is an athlete


This girl suffered anorexia weighing 30 kg, now she is an athlete

Mental disorders are a very serious problem in our societies. They should apply more resources to these problems, and although there are already health centers that cover them, there must always be educational support for the new generations. There are quite a few mental disorders: from the most common anxieties to paranoid or personality disorders. Even so, mental disorders are very closely related to our societies, their dynamics and their requirements.

But today we will talk about eating disorders: those disorders that have a lot of social bases since it is based on the stereotype of women. Over the centuries they have been changing the “perfect beauty” of women.

Centuries ago, the beautiful girls were those who were stuffed and were white-skinned, since that meant they had money since they ate and did not work in the field. But currently, a woman is perfect when she is in the bones and is malnourished. And that, of course, has to change.


Well, today we bring you the case of a girl who had complicated adolescence since she suffered from anorexia. Normally we see the drastic changes that have been made by girls who have been more chubby as teenagers and by implementing a diet and exercise they have improved in health. But today we bring you a totally opposite case: this is the case of Cazandra Zetterberg, who at 19 years old had to face this serious illness.

This Swedish girl began to want to get a few kilos to feel better with herself. She started doing diets and exercises to lose those unwanted kilos. But to which she realized, she had already fallen into this complex disorder.

They were many years of struggle against anorexia until they reached the point of having to be hospitalized. The doctors warned her that if she did not stop restricting food, there will be very serious causes for her health, including death.


Cazandra reacted and decided to leave her illness. She began to make a healthy diet and do optimal exercises for her body. After a year, its transformation is amazing. This Swedish girl stays healthy in body and mind since she decided to study the career of nutrition and physical preparation.

She currently has a fitness guide and shares her experiences on social networks. With all this, she wants to be an example for girls who are suffering from anorexia and give them a little light to their lives. Who better than her to give advice and support to those people who are also suffering the same thing that happened to her.

Have you freaked out with this story? Do you also know someone who has suffered an eating disorder? Tell us everything in the comments.


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