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They visit 33 countries in 10 months during their honeymoon: at each stop, the bride wears her wedding dress


They visit 33 countries in 10 months during their honeymoon: at each stop, the bride wears her wedding dress

For many honeymooners, a honeymoonis the best way to start a life of a couple: home, routine and cohabitation can wait.

Zoe and Nick Aust, two freshly married young people, have made marriage an opportunity to do what they love to do in life: traveling. So, after saving two years, they started traveling around the world, having a total of 33 stopovers in 10 months.

Paris, France

Zoe and Nick were in the same high school as each other, but by that time the spark between them had not exploded yet. They then met again after a few years and began to meet each other by discovering a great passion in common: traveling.

Shortly after, Zoe accompanied Nick on a secret trip for him: the couple went to Iceland, then to France, and it’s here, under the Eiffel Tower, that Nick offered the ring to his future wife.


Santorini – Greece

Nick and Zoe were married in December 2017 and began their long journey in 2018. Both took advantage of the work situation that came their way: Nick’s business had just been sold, while Zoe had just quit her job.


Agra – India


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As we travel throughout our now 33rd country (Seychelles) we can’t help but feel nostalgic about what the past 264 days have been filled with. We’ve traveled to countries we once dreamed of seeing. We’ve stood in front of Mount Everest, swam in the Dead Sea, saw Turkey from a hot air ballon, flew through a cyclone in Fiji and can honestly say we have eaten our way through every. single. country. 😂🤭 . We’ve done a lot. And now… we feel ready and most importantly, excited, to come home. In a few days we will end our 9 month long honeymoon in Seychelles and head back to the States. As sad as we are to not be full time, living out of a suitcase travelers, we’re also excited to see our families, to go to the dentist, to see our grandma and most importantly to smooch our almost 4 month old niece who we haven’t met yet! 👶🏻😍 . Marry Me In started because we had this dream to travel. We’ll always have that dream (which is why we already have trips planned for just about every month we’re home 🤭). We just won’t be living out of a suitcase, but we’ll still be traveling here and there, we’ll have much better wifi so we can actually blog and we’ll have cleaner teeth 🙌🏼 . So here’s a throw back to Sri Lanka, our 6th country visited. By this time we were so tired. We had no idea how exhausting full time traveling would be. We originally planned to be on the go but quickly realized we needed a break so we headed straight for Mirissa Beach where everyone’s a surfer with a surfer mentality 🤙🏼 and nothing opens before 2pm 😴😴


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For the trip, they started saving money two years before: the steps they chose were part of their two wish lists, while others were very cheap destinations they had never thought of.

Nick and Zoe traveled everywhere: they visited Europe, the United States, Japan and even more distant places.


Lauterbrunnen – Switzerland

Zoe had an even more extravagant idea for her crazy honeymoon: the day before she left, she decided to pack her wedding dress. The idea was to take him every step of the way to take a souvenir photo.


Many would have preferred to keep the dress in a closet, but Zoe decided to live it not only the fateful day but also during the 10 months of the trip.

Burg Eltz Castle – Germany

“We do not want to give the idea of ​​a perfect couple traveling,” says Zoe about the Instagram honeymoon profile: “Everyone decides what he wants to show in his life,” she says. , suggesting that beyond the goal, there is a normal couple who faces all the fears of marriage and the imperfections of a relationship.

Rome – Italy

Ubud – Bali

Barcelona – Spain

After all these places visited, it is difficult to say which was the most beautiful. Only Nick has a clear idea: no doubt, Japan

Desert of Judea – Israel

T-Rex Bay – Indonesia

At the end of the trip, there were some pearls missing in the wedding dress and she was certainly not as white as the day of the wedding, “but now she is full of memories, ” says Zoe. 

Monte Everest, Nepal

United Arab Emirates

What will they do now that their honeymoon is over? Simple, they will continue to travel!

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