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These 15 tips will turn you into a king (or queen) of the household


These 15 tips will turn you into a king (or queen) of the household

According to some studies, an adult person spends between 7 and 19 hours a week cleaning their home. The data may vary according to different factors: the age and social status of the person, the type of housing, the number of rooms and the methods and devices used to perform these tasks. But there are many useful tips that can significantly reduce the time spent cleaning.

At WittyBubbles, we’ve been looking for simple and effective tips for you to help you clean up and keep your house tidy. Some are worth testing, simply because of their originality. Do not forget the bonus that awaits you at the end of the article.


1. Socks to clean the blinds

Cleaning the many blades of blinds is not easy, especially when the sponge gets stuck in the cords and the water it contains flows between the hands to the carpet. But an old sock covering your hand will make this task easier and faster.


2. Aluminum foil to clean dishes that go to the oven

For easy scouring of glass dishes for baking, you can make a scoop of aluminum foil and put some product on it to wash the dishes.


3. Ketchup to shine copper utensils

To shine the copper utensils, you can apply some ketchup and using a sponge, spread the product with circular motions. Then remove the leftovers with a dry towel and wash them. For the most stubborn areas, you can add a little salt.

4. A little “chemistry” to clean the windows

To remove the grime and dust that accumulates in the recesses of PVC windows, sprinkle the surface with sodium bicarbonate and pour a little vinegar on it. Let it work for 5 to 10 minutes and then use an old toothbrush to move the substance from the corner to the center. Then you have to remove it with a cloth.

5. Paper towels and vinegar to clean the toilet bowl

Removing dirt encrusted in the toilet bowl is easier if you organize yourself in advance. For this, use several sheets of paper towels and soak them with vinegar. Then place them under the bowl and let them act for a few hours. Then you can remove them.

6. Toothpaste for shining faucets

To make the faucets shine, apply a small amount of toothpaste on them and rub them gently with a cloth.


7. Latex gloves for coatings

It is possible to quickly pick up pet hair from fabric furniture or carpets. You have to wear standard latex gloves because they catch residue and dirt.

8. Shaving foam for steel surfaces

Cleaning stainless steel surfaces, such as faucets, is faster when using shaving foam and rubbing with a soft cloth. This method can also be used to unwind carpets .

9. Nuts against scratches on furniture

To conceal small scratches on wooden furniture, it is advisable to rub a nut on it (the Brazil nut can also be used) because it contains natural oils. Then you will polish the surface with a clean, dry towel. With this technique, scratches and scrapes will be less visible.

10. Alcohol to shine the appliance

An excellent way to polish and shine the steel surfaces of appliances, such as microwave, kettle or toaster: it is alcohol. Only a few drops and a good cloth will be necessary when you have to clean this type of devices.


Do not forget the importance of optimal organization when you have a multitude of objects. This will not only reduce the time spent cleaning them, but also the frequency with which you must do it, if everything is stored in its place.

11. Compartments to better organize your drawers

To be sure that the objects in the drawers do not mix and that they are easier to find, you can use compartments or small boxes. You can arrange them at the bottom of the drawer and organize them as you wish.


12. Inside a door to store objects

These 15 tips will turn you into a king (or queen) of the household

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14. Store pillowcases

Folded and folded sheet sets can be stored inside the corresponding pillowcase.

15. An office filing cabinet as a support

A vertical filing cabinet can be used not only in the toilet as a toilet paper holder, but also in the kitchen: to store tin cans, trays or molds for the oven.


To allow the toilet brush to dry and not “rot” in its holder due to water residue, you can set it for the time it dries between the toilet bowl and the toilet.


And you, do you have good advice to share with us?

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