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The strangest beauty trends of Instagram

One of the craziest beauty trends seen on Instagram: the "garden" eyebrows of blogger Taylor R. © Instagram taytay


The strangest beauty trends of Instagram

From ridiculous cosmetic challenge to fake good ideas, a small glimpse of the most surprising hashtags seen on social networks.

100 layers of …

Challenge rather than a trend, it has revoked YouTube users. The 100layers challenge is to film yourself by applying 100 layers of a product to choose from: lipstick, foundation, mascara, not to mention the hairspray, leaving us with an Iroquois resistant week. Moderately funny and probably devastating for the skin … and the planet.


An anglicism to describe the fact of applying a mask on its posterior. What for? Well to have the soft but firm buttocks, like those of Madonna who revealed to be adept of this practice. Some brands have entered the niche, with formulas in clay, cream, gel and even cloth soaked.


The eyebrow feather, fishtail, etc.

Zig-zag, braided, Christmas tree, feather, fishtail and even Ronald McDonald (yes, if). The list is long, not counting the arrival of wigs for them. So yes, but for what occasion? OK to have fun at home in front of his mirror but we defy followers to go out shopping and so grimées.


The bubble nails

Appeared a few years ago, this persistent trend is to apply a thick layer of acrylic on nails either natural or artificial to achieve a curved result. Result way AND unflattering.


© Instagram stilnie_palchiki

Body contouring

This is the same concept made popular by Kim Kardashian but applied to the body. With a set of light and dark powders, we create abs in trompe l’oeil, we make her clavicles more prominent, we refine her legs. Not stupid, provided you choose waterproof products to the skull at the pool or the sea.

Foundation with a trowel

The videos where girls are seen applying their foundation using more original utensils than others accumulate thousands of views. The classic Beauty Blender (ovoid makeup sponge) has been transformed into the hard-boiled egg, pepper, basketball sole, buffer, and even testicle. STOP!

The club hairy legs

Based on feminist claims, hashtags #hairylegs and #hairyharmpits flourish on the networks to federate women refusing to bow to hairless glamor diktats. They are thousands to proudly post pictures of their hairy legs and armpits. Everyone does what he likes.


© DR

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