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The place of the mole indicates the personality of a woman


The place of the mole indicates the personality of a woman

If you are looking for the ideal woman to get in a couple, get married, dating or just having a fleeting exit, we present the meaning of moles on the body of women. For many the relationship between moles and personality is part of the unexplained, for others, it is pure quackery


If you’re beloved, has a mole on the forehead of the left side means that she is very attached to the mother ( uhmmm careful …) and very feminine. If the mole is on the forehead of the right side it has a firm character and needs to admire the beloved man.

If the mole is between the eyebrows, it will have clairvoyance, you can guess the future and have the ability to have mystical experiences.


If you are insecure and have a tendency to take refuge in your dreams, you will have a mole over your left eye, but if you are extremely realistic, pessimistic and sharp, you will have a mole in your right eye.

On the nose: it means that this woman’s love relationships will be successful and she will have a good marriage.

mole around the mouth gives sensuality, lust and uncontrolled passion. In the upper lip means temperance and sweetness.


Between the nose and the mouth: it means that it is a woman of brilliant nature and that she will have great successes on a material level.

On the right shoulder: a woman of great self-confidence that supports her family very much.

On the left shoulder: kind woman, who needs support, affection and trust.


In the left breast: The great need for reciprocal love, tenderness and affection.

Around the navel: symbolizes an emotional and happy love life.

In the middle of the back: it symbolizes an energetic character, penetrating spirit, but at the same time, tendency to disperse or lack of perseverance.


If you discover other moles in different parts of the body, we invite you to comment on the characteristics of your beloved.

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