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The 7 exercises that will transform your whole body in just 4 weeks


The 7 exercises that will transform your whole body in just 4 weeks

10 minutes of exercise a day for 4 weeks will be enough to get you in shape

With a little good will and 10 minutes of sport a day , you can completely transform your body in just 4 weeks. Here’s how to do it:


1- Plank

As in the image below, keep your back and legs straight without sagging or arching.

Plank works the abdominals, the back, the buttocks, the legs and the arms. It also improves posture and muscle tone.

2- Push-ups

The initial position is a board with arms outstretched. Then, go down as far as you can. But make sure your back, pelvis and legs form a straight line. Then slowly return to the initial position.


This exercise strengthens the chest, arms and abdominal muscles.

3- Training of the muscles of the thigh and buttocks

Stand on all fours and stretch your left leg and right arm to form a straight line. Then bend them slowly and touch your right elbow with your left knee. Return to the initial position, then change arms and legs.

This exercise is good for the torso and the muscles that bend the hip. It also strengthens most of the muscles of the back, buttocks and waist.


4- Squats

Stand up, shift your feet the width of the shoulders. Then, lower yourself as if you are going to sit on an imaginary chair keeping your back straight. You can keep your balance by raising your arms in front of you. Then go up as slowly as possible.

This gymnastic strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and ankles.

5- The abs

Lie on your back, arms stretched over your head and your knees bent. Slowly lift your upper body, arms outstretched, and touch your toes. Then slowly return to the initial position.


The abs strengthen the abdominal muscles and burn fat.

6- Abs + buttocks

Raise yourself by leaning on your hands and feet. Raise one leg as high as possible, then gently lower the top of your body without lifting the second heel off the ground. Then change your leg.

This exercise strengthens the muscles of the waist, abdominals and buttocks.


7- An exercise to refine the size:

Lie face down, arms bent at the elbow and placed under the head. Lift your upper body as far as you can. Stay in this position for one second and slowly return to the original position.

It tones and strengthens the spinal muscles.

And now, follow the following schedule to find out how much time is spent for each exercise during the 4 weeks:


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