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Inventions that solve problems that do not exist (but can be very useful)


Inventions that solve problems that do not exist (but can be very useful)

In our day to day, we encounter small problems for which we would like to have specific solutions. The problem is that the big consumer brands do not consider these situations to be so problematic and do not invest in developing products to solve them. Luckily, on the Internet, you can find everything. There will always be someone with clever ideas, like Matt Benedetto.

This designer from the state of Vermont, in the United States, has an Instagram page in which he shows the designs of products that serve to solve “those problems that do not exist”. But the truth is that although many of their products really do not make much sense, there are some that could be very useful.

“My collection of unnecessary inventions is full of products that nobody has asked for but that I have taken the liberty of designing and giving them life “, explains Benedetto himself in Bored Panda. His inventions are not for sale, but he says that you can get in touch with him if you have any ideas for his collection.


Sushi chopsticks with integrated headphones

Portable hanger for those items that you do not always wear

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The Anywhere Hook ™️ Your personal coat hook that goes with you anywhere that you go. #unnecessaryInventions

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Paint roller in which says “do not paint”

Pillow for your mobile to rest while you load it

Sail with an American fist to defend yourself in the dark

Guide to a Hulk Hogan shave

Mold for ice cubes according to drink

Adapter to scratch your legs

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