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With the right table decoration, the first step to the perfect dinner has succeeded. We will show you simple napkin folding techniques to imitate.

Delight your guests with impressively folded napkins. So you and your table decorationbecome the star of the common dinner evenings. 

Napkin folding instructions: lotus flower

  1. In the beginning, spread out your napkin and fold all four corners to the center of the napkin.
  2. Now repeat this step and fold the four corners of the napkin to the middle again.
  3. Carefully turn the napkin over so that you have the back.
  4. Reposition the corners of the paper napkin repeatedly to the center.
  5. After you have pressed the edges well, gently pull the corner pockets of the back forward to create small flowers.
  6. Carefully bring out the other corners from the back of the napkin and fold it forward.

For a perfect finish, use a cloth napkin. This ensures a nicer look. You can now place small pralines or goodies for the guests in the center of the napkin.


Instructions for napkin folding: lily


© MillefloreImages / iStock / Thinkstock
  1. Extend the napkin and fold it diagonally to the middle, creating a triangle.
  2. Now place the napkin so that the long, closed triangle side is in front of you.
  3. Now take the lower left corner and fold it upwards towards the triangle tip.© MillefloreImages / iStock / Thinkstocklily
  4. Repeat this process with the right, bottom side.
  5. Now a small square should have arisen, the top of which now points to you.
  6. Now take the tip that points to you and folds it up to a little more than a third. Press the fold firmly.
  7. There should now be a triangle in front of you, which contains another small triangle.
  8. Now fold down the top of the triangle and turn the napkin.
  9. Now take the right edge of the outer edge and fold it over the middle on the left side.
  10. Now lift the left outer tip and insert it into the pocket on the right side.
  11. Now a small napkin ring has been created.
  12. Turn the napkin over and fold the freestanding wings down to create small petals.

Napkin folding instructions: cutlery bag


© Jupiterimages / BananaStock / Thinkstock
  1. Pre-fold the napkin, making sure that the moving, open layers of the napkin face up into the right corner.© Jupiterimages / BananaStock / ThinkstockBestecktasche
  2. Now take the top layer and fold it about four times to the middle, so that the last kink forms exactly the main diagonal of the napkin.
  3. Now use the second napkin layer and fold it into the center three times, just like the top, until it touches the edge of the first layer.
  4. Now bend the right and the left quarter of the napkin to the back.
  5. Now you can place the cutlery in the small cutlery bag.

Instructions for napkin folding: compartments

  1. Lay the napkin open in front of you. 
  2. Fold it diagonally to the middle, creating a triangle.
  3. Now lay the napkin in front of you, so that you have a triangle with the closed edge at the bottom right in front of you.
  4. Now you can fold the lower edge about 4 cm upwards.
  5. Now you can fold the folded edge and the overlying serviette parts from the side into approx. 3 cm wide sections once at the front and once at the back so that a fan is created.
  6. Now it’s time to fix. It is best to use a napkin ring to attach to the base.

Instructions for napkin folding: Tafelspitz

  1. Lay the napkin open in front of you.
  2. Now you can fold the napkin from bottom to top to the middle.
  3. Now pull the top rectangle down to a triangle. Please do not mark, but let it go.
  4. Now the same principle on the other side – pull the left, lower corner to the right from the upper layer of the left half. There should now be a triangle in front of you.
  5. Now fold the two tips together.
  6. Now just glue the edges and put the napkin draped nicely.

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