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7 Amazing Facts About The Indian Rupee Symbol

The Indian rupee Symbol is very special in many ways due to its design. Through this, the Indian rupee gained an identity like the US dollar and the British pound. After the national level competition, in 2010, the Union Cabinet recognized this symbol of Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam as a symbol of the rupee. Since then it has come a long way to fame. 

Due to this symbol, the Indian rupee got different recognition from the rupee names of Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Wittbubbles is telling you about such interesting facts related to Symbol’s design …

Mixed form of Devanagari “Ra” and Roman “R”

Rupee Symbol R

This symbol has been designed such that Devanagari ” Ra ” and the English ” R” are both reflect. These two letters represent Rupees in Hindi Rupees (Rupiah) and English respectively.


Shiro Rekha – Horizontal Line in Rupee Symbol

Rupee Symbol shiro rekha

Special use of Shiro Rekha of Devanagari script Whenever writing a word in Hindi with the help of Devanagari script, Shiro Rekha has a special use in it. The word is not considered complete without the Shiro line. This particular Shiro Rekha has also been used in the rupee symbol. Which makes this symbol feel like being Indian. 

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Rupee Symbol tricolour

How the symbol becomes a tricolor …. Three colors of the tricolor, with equal white space, two equal horizontal lines also give this symbol a special shape. With both lines and white background, this symbol appears as a tricolor, the tricolor is the national flag of India. 


Equality Sign In Rupee Symbol

Rupee Symbol Equality

Know where the symbol of equality is hidden in the symbol … Symbol of Equality Both identical horizontal lines used in the symbol represent an equal sign of arithmetic. Which reflects India’s mixed or balanced economy. 

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Harmony in Design

Rupee symbol of brotherhood Udayakumar designed

Know how the symbol represents brotherhood… The symbol of brotherhood Udayakumar designed this symbol keeping in mind the symbol of the existing currencies around the world. With this, while it seems to be part of the symbol family of currencies around the world, it also shows the special identity of India.


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