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In Poland, there is a forest populated with twisted trees and no one knows why


In Poland, there is a forest populated with twisted trees and no one knows why

ature presents phenomena that can be more or less explained, other times the mystery is so dense that even if there is a rational explanation we like to think things differently.

This is the case of the ” twisted forest “, a coniferous forest in Poland, characterized by the fact that trees in a specific area are all curved in the same way. Many have advanced hypotheses to explain the phenomenon, but when the fog falls between the trunks, the imagination takes over …

image: Rzuwig / Wikimedia


Caspar David Friedrich has left us with wonderful images of forests that we might call enchanted; some are snow-covered, others painted with the colors of spring. As different as they are, these images leave us speechless by the emotion they arouse. Perhaps it was inspired by Friedrich’s works that  Kilian Schonberger (also a German) began to travel to Europe in search of forests to immortalize.

Schonberger’s photographs are as fascinating as Friedrich’s paintings. But one of them attracts more attention of the visitors on the site of the German photographer. It is a forest – an area of ​​over 1.7 hectares – located in Poland, in the region of Pomerania. The locals called it Las Krzywy, which could translate as ” twisted tree forest “. Its particularity is that it is composed of trees whose trunks draw a very strange curve line at the base and very sharp angles, before entering the ground.

picture: pixabay

Nobody knows why the trunks are so weird. According to the oral tradition of the region, the trees – planted by the Third Reich army in the 1930s – received this form through special techniques. The reason for this form was also advanced by the photographer himself, who claims that the Germans used the trunks of this forest to build ships, rocking chairs and other curved objects.


Other bizarre theories evoke particular atmospheric conditions , which weigh down the trunks of trees, or mysterious creatures and dark forces that would make this place their home.

Theories follow one another, but nobody has yet been able to discover the cause that led to the development of this very particular forest. But Schonberger is sure of one thing: it was worth spending the night driving 700 kilometers because “this little wood in Poland is unique”.

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