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How to make a Chola Eyebrows

Chola eyebrows will give you the sassy tinder you need for any night on the town. The term “Chola” is inspired by 20th century Latino street culture, according to California State University, Northridge. Chola makeup is often bold and heavy, and it can transform your look. The trick to incorporating a Chola brow is to disguise your real forehead before drawing on a new one.

Instructions: How to Make a Chola Eyebrows

• Cleanse your face with mild facial soap and pat dry with a towel. In front of a well-lit mirror.

• Rub down onto the surface of your left eyebrow with a standard glue stick. Pick out any visible chunks or balloons of glue. Follow this step for your right eyebrow.


• Dab a makeup sponge in your concealer. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Rub the sponge on your forehead until your eyebrow “disappears.” Repeat this step for your right eyebrow.

• Cover cream with powder to keep makeup in place and prevent staining from hiding. Repeat this step for your right eyebrow.

• Draw a thin lineup diagonal with an eyeliner pencil, starting just above your real, hidden forehead. Start at the inner edge of your brow and work your way up to the point where your brow arches real. Curve the line down, stopping at the outer edge of the hidden brow. Darken and thicken the initial line of the trace with the eyeliner pencil once the initial trace line is reached. Follow this step for your right eye.


How to make Chola Makeup

chola eyebrows style

Chola girls are typically young Hispanic women who are part of the lowrider culture. They are known for their dramatic Chola eyebrows makeup at all times of the day and usually wear baggy or tight clothing. In the mid-1990s, girls across Southern California began adopting Chola makeup techniques such as uncovered eyebrows or very dark lipstick.

Things you need to make Chola Eyebrows

  • Foundation
  • makeup sponge
  • black eyebrow pencil
  • eye initiator
  • Beige or white eye shadow
  • black or dark brown eye shadow
  • flat shadow brush
  • eyeliner brush
  • black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • dark lip liner
  • Lipstick (neutral or dark)
  • Apply foundation. Cholas are known to use heavy coverage when it comes to foundation. Makeup should be apparent. Stitch foundation on forehead, nose and cheeks and mix with a makeup sponge. Repeat with another layer for a pretty makeup look.
  • Apply eye primer. This allows the eye makeup to stay still. For those with darker skin tones, this will also allow the colors and the crease cut technique to be prominent. Apply primer from the upper lash line to the forehead bone. Using the flat eyeshadow brush, cover the eyelid and forehead bone with the light eyeshadow. Pack in color.
  • Use the eyeliner brush to take the darkest shadow and create a crease cut effect. To do this, apply dark shadow to the crease of the eyes and slightly above. Use the flat eyeshadow brush to blend the color out. Refrain from mixing too much, as Cholas wear their eye makeup with harsh lines. There should be a slight gradient effect. Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line using a thick line. Add mascara.
  • Define your eyebrows. Using forehead pencil, define the eyebrows, creating a more prominent angle in the natural arch. Going over the eyebrows with brow pencil several times to achieve the exaggerated look Chola are known.
  • Line lips with a dark lip pencil. Most Chola uses a very dark lip liner in plum, burgundy or sometimes even black. To use dark lipstick, apply lip liner and fill your lips with dark lipstick. Cholas sometimes opt for lighter lip shades. When using more neutral lipstick in brown or nude, Cholas still line their lips with dark lip liner. For this look, apply lipstick first and then go back and line up lips.

20 celebrities would look if they left their Chola Eyebrows Makeups

If you are not so young, surely you had a time when having an ultra-thin and tattooed eyebrow was fashionable. If you adopted that style at the time, it is likely that you live with regret for so many photographs that evidenced your peculiar taste for the famous urban Chola tribe … but it is too late to retract your past mistakes.

Let’s admit it: Chola eyebrows are only known to show off by the gorgeous Laura Prepon.

Laura chola makeups eyebrows

However, the classics return and now, with all the euphoria of the 90s melancholy, makeup tutorials soon appear to learn how to recreate even the lip liner and the criminal tear. What if it becomes fashionable again? This is what your favorite celebrities would look like!

1. That Neil Patrick Harris

famous cholitos

2. That Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie eyebrow chola

3. That McKayla Maroney

Chola eyebrows

4. That Queen Elizabeth II

Chola eyebrows

5. That Tom Hiddleston

Cholas eyebrows

6. That teenage witch

Chola eyebrows

7. That Anne Hathaway

Chola eyebrows

8. That’s my Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chola eyebrows

9. That Taylor Lautner

Chola eyebrows

10. That Mitt Romney

Chola eyebrows

11. That Chris Brown

Chola eyebrows

12. That Bill Cosby

Chola eyebrows

13. That Vampire Robert Pattinson

Chola makeup

14. That Morgan Freeman

Chola eyebrows

15. That Jay-Z

Chola makeup

16. That Drake

Chola eyebrows

17. That Maggie Smith

Chola makeups

18. That Voldemort

how to make a Chola eyebrows

19. That Britney Spears

Chola eyebrows

20. That Ryan Gosling

Chola eyebrows

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