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How 10 Disney Princesses Would Look in Real Life


How 10 Disney Princesses Would Look in Real Life

The photographer also dressed the models and it is very successful

Jessica Kobeissi is a photographer who has a real eye for fashion and who appreciates the Disney world. She had the idea of ​​a photoshoot to represent 10 Disney princesses in 2019. Jessica chose herself almost all the mannequins outfits and was assisted by Hayley Kassel for most makeup. And the least we can say is that the result sends heavy!

1. Ariel / Lilia

ariel, little mermaid
Model, Little Mermaid, 2019

2. Sleeping Beauty/ Willodeen

aurora, sleeping beauty
Mannequin Aurora, 2019

3. Beautiful / Tashi

beautiful, disney
beautiful, 2019, model

4. Snow White / Lauren

white snow, princess, disney
white, 2019, model, photo

5. Cinderella / Estelle

cinderella, princess, disney
cinderella, model, photo

6. Jasmine / Sarah

jasmine, princess, disney
princess, jasmine, disney, model

7. Mulan / Serena

Mulan Princess Disney
Disney Mulan Princess

8. Pocahontas / Sophia

pocahontas, princess, disney
pocahontas, 2019, princess, model

9. Tiana / Sydney

tiana, disney, princess
tiana, princess, model, disney

10. BONUS (it’s not a princess but we love it): Tinkerbell / Paulina

bell, disney, fairy
Tinkerbell, Disney, Fashion Model

If the work of this photographer inspires you, you can go to her Instagram account or her website to discover more of her creations.

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