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35 Funny Dad Jokes

Funny Dad Jokes


35 Funny Dad Jokes

35+ Of The Funny Dad Jokes With Which Every Father Can Identify

Being a father can sometimes be difficult. You must support your family while making sure you help the children. This can stress a father and make him wonder what to do next. Although not everyone is a big fan of that type of comedy gold, there is a certain amount of appreciation any person can have for a well-timed funny pun. 

Parents also seem to think it’s funny to disguise their babies with a variety of different and fun outfits. However, not everything they do is appropriate, and they often leave their wives shaking their heads. Sometimes, mothers may wonder if it is safe to leave children with their father.


Fortunately, these parents seem to have the perfect idea about how to handle life and everything that comes with it. Whether they are having fun with the children, making sure to teach them important life lessons, or simply dedicating themselves to dad’s typical mood, these parents have everything resolved.

Scroll down below to see some of the best funny dad jokes around and don’t forget to comment and vote for your favorites.

1) That Old Magic Dad – Funny Jokes

This is a perfect example of a father who likes magic tricks but loves to drag his children with him. In addition, he is very confident that his children will not leave the mess and clean everything. “Have a nice clean 🙂 🙂 Dad loves you XX”


2) Restoring it

This girl’s father is relentless when it comes to reminding his daughter of the punishment that will cause her bad behavior. It is better for her not to be his caregiver when he is too old to take care of himself. After all, this change would be fair. “Well, my friend found the phone, she isolated herself to talk, and her father slipped this note under the door: “ Daddy: 10:48 PM ‘Hi daughter, I hope you behave. I love you ”10:50 PM“ I love you ”10:55 PM“ Why don’t you answer me? ”10:56 PM” Oh wait… ”10:58 PM“! Buaaaaah! ”

3) Daddy Dino – Funny Dad Jokes

What does a father who loves dinosaurs get? An inflatable dinosaur costume. This inflatable suit looks like the perfect gift for this Jurassic lover. Just look at that smile of joy on his face. He must be remembering his childhood.

4) Makeup Lover

What can your dad do if he loves makeup as much as you do? Post your photo on your Instagram, along with yours, for all to see. You can definitely see the family resemblance, especially in the eyebrows.


5) Kiwis

What does a good father do when his son’s head looks like a kiwi? Why publish an image of the two online? Also, add the kiwi label to the baby’s head just to highlight the similarities. I just hope he puts the kiwi back in the bowl and not in the baby.

best daddy jokes
Source: Bored Panda

6) A Great Check

This father told his son that he would give him a big check if he graduated. However, one would think that his son would learn more during the years he grew up with his father. You never know, your child could take that $ 4 and make them a financial success with their education.

best daddy jokes
Source: Imgur

7) Netflix provider

When your father wants to make it perfectly clear who pays the bills at home. However, one would think that he would have found better names than parasites. I could also have called them Error 1, Error 2 and Error 3. “The guy who pays the bills” “Parasite 1” “Parasite” “Parasite 3” “Children”

best daddy jokes
Source: Imgur

8) Just Following Mom’s Instructions

Well, mom said the kids stay in bed. However, you can’t blame dad. It seems he is just trying to give them some fresh air while also doing some work in the yard. It is better for these children to endure the cold or they will have something worse than the flu.

9) Baby Biker – Funny Dad Jokes

This father dressed his baby like a funny little cyclist. Is that it or the parents of this baby have had a bad influence on him. I guess these days they get younger and younger. However, I really wonder if this baby rides a good Harley.

10) Surprise!

Little did this father know of the success he would have by pulling out some false eyebrows on his baby. Mom said to play with the child, but who would imagine that this would be the result. Luckily, Dad didn’t draw them with a permanent marker.


Funny Dad Jokes

11) Foam Beard

What do you get when you mix a baby, a bubble bath and a joking father? Funny hairstyles. I am really surprised by this father’s ability to sculpt the bubbles with the perfect shape, and the looks on the baby’s face are priceless.

12) Taking the Initiative

Funny Dad Jokes

There is more than one way to help their children, as this father shows. Just don’t let mom see you doing that daddy, or you could find yourself in trouble. One thing is for sure; That will leave a mark.

13) Dad is in charge

This is typically what happens when dad stays in charge. Parents have little time for trivial things like hair straps. Usually, they just grab what is at hand, in this case it was a zip closure.


14) The Organization Is Key

When Mom got the tag gun, she had no idea of ​​the nightmare of the organization she would lead to. Dad, of course, took it easy and decided to label everything, including the baby. Poor boy! I just hope the tag comes out easily.

15) Older Children

When his wife told him to make his son look like an old man for school, he had no idea where he was getting. Not only did the boy’s father shave his head so that he looked bald, but he took on the extra task of making him gray.

16) Hair Extensions

This is what happens when a dad has too much free time, although the extensions make his beard look long and fluid. He looks like a young Gandalf or Dumbledore. I wonder if he knows any magic spells.


17) Dad Swing – Funny Dad Jokes

When this girl asked her dad for a wiggle, she had no idea that this would happen. The expression on his face says it all. I guess it’s good that I didn’t ask for a slide. Who knows what dad would have invented!

18) The Evidence Against Him

This is what happens when your dad is a policeman and you run out of normal paper bags. Is that it or this boy’s dad was in a hurry trying to get his children to school. This makes you wonder if there is a sandwich somewhere in a testing closet.

19) Fu Manchu

The unfortunate mother of this little girl only walked away for a few minutes. It seems that his father was just waiting for the opportunity to do this. It’s almost as if he had been preparing for this moment for a long time.

Source: Bored Panda

20) Dad Hockey

When your father loves hockey, but he has to take care of the children. Little does she know that the name Puck is not a good name for a little girl. She thinks it’s fun when her father pushes her around the ice with her hockey stick. Ah, only in Canada, eh!

21) Baby Tray

This little baby will only sleep when he is in this position. So what should a father do when he is hungry? Well, use the little one as a tray for your food, of course. A father does what he has to do to survive.

22) Baby Hitler

This little baby has the most inappropriate father of all time. Don’t you think Hopefully, this baby’s mother saw this and had a proper conversation with Dad about it? I just wonder first, what did this dad thing to get to this idea.


23) You are not going anywhere

This father is doing well. Although it is better to be careful or this baby could throw that furniture on top of him. Dad’s impromptu solution seems to help the baby develop some muscles through this strange form of resistance training.

24) The Last Straw

It seems that this father reached his limit and can not stand anymore. However, I am curious about the reason for his protest. Or maybe this is just an opportunity for this father to use that big straw he has kept in the garage all these years. “This is the last straw”

25) The Gift To Give

When your father likes to give gifts, but he is also an inveterate joker. Sometimes it makes you doubt. I wonder if he is the type of person who also likes to give joke gifts. You better check that money before spending it, just in case it is fake money. “My dad gives every child $ 100 every year in a strange way and this year he put his best effort hahahaha!


26) Pizza Face

Mom spent all the time telling her children not to play with their food and here comes dad to ruin everything. Many of us have heard of a pizza face, but this is taking it to another level.

Funny Dad Jokes

27) Your Dad Is A Toast

This father is having too much fun with his new toaster. His wife and children, on the other hand, are ready to bear it. Now he makes them eat toast every morning with his own face. Strange and scary at the same time.

28) Joe Rogan Is My Baby

This father caught his wife literally when he said it would be fun to dress his baby as actor Joe Rogan for Halloween. The amount of detail, even the abs, is amazing. Now, all this baby needs is its own website.


29) Overprotective Dad

This dad knows how to keep her out of trouble with the boys: wearing her in uncomfortable shirts with his picture. It seems that she doesn’t think it’s very funny. Hopefully, one day he will realize that his father only does it for love. “Keep it clear, guys, this is my dad”

Funny Dad Jokes

30) First Daughter Management Lesson

This father is ready for his daughter’s first driving lesson. Helmet? Check, lifeguard? Hopefully, he doesn’t plan on having to take a bath. And the small signs on the board are hysterical. “No! No!”

31) Artistic Badge

Give dad a toy and he will find a fun use that involves his children. At least it seems that this little one is having a good time. Hopefully, this father is not like that with all toys.


32) Your Dad The Derancy

I wonder if his father even knows what situation he is in. Honestly, just try to take her to the park, not traumatize her. Hopefully, his father doesn’t make difficult stops, because then he could get more than just a look.

33) Would Do Anything For You

This father has done a wonderful job of raising five beautiful daughters. He just wants them to feel comfortable with who they are. And what better way to bond with your daughters than to dress like your favorite Disney character.

Funny Dad Jokes

34) Everyone grew up

Leave a baby alone with his dad for a few minutes and watch what happens. According to this father, his son has already grown up and is ready to move on. However, Mom does not think that is the case and wants to keep it a little longer.


35) Stereotype

Sometimes, a father’s mood is too much and somewhat inappropriate … like this father standing in the aisle of frozen Hispanic food. Honestly, I had no idea that supermarkets had that section. What’s next, a frozen American section?

Funny Dad Jokes

36) Multitasking

This father shows how it is done, feeding the baby while giving him time to play. However, I think that at one point I had the bottle in the baby’s nose. I wonder if he got that high score, he was obviously too busy to properly feed his baby.

37) Literal Father

Some parents are a bit literal. This daughter should have known that she didn’t have to ask her father to make her a bun. I guess it could have been worse. He could have filled it in before putting it on.


38) Where There Is Will There Is Mode

What do you do if you need to cut your dog’s nails but not stand still? Well, according to this father, you buy a bag, make holes in it and hang your dog in the air. Somehow, this seems to make pedicure work easier. “My dog ​​hates getting his nails cut, well, my dad literally bought a bag and cut it off.”

39) Ready For Winter

This dad and his baby are ready for winter. I think the baby may have something to say about it, especially with the look of that silly hat. And how is it that that baby also stays there looking nice and comfortable?

40) Nail Polish For Toes

At first, this father did not know how to keep his daughter entertained while playing. It seems he found the perfect activity to keep her busy and got a sweet pedicure.


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When it comes to taking care of your babies, make sure that the boys don’t leave your daughter alone, or just that they are a true dad, although some of them have everything resolved. However, mothers are often worried about leaving their children alone with their parents, and with images like these, who could blame them?

Funny Dad Jokes

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Funny Dad Jokes

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