Sunday, September 19, 2021

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ColourPop announces a collection inspired by ‘Powerpuff Girls’ to make us feel like a superhero

ColourPop has given us great makeup collections, like the one she made inspired by Barbie Malibu or that of Lizzie McGuire. However, the company does not stop surprising us and this time it is preparing something very “powerful” for its new launch or at least that is how it made it clear on its page and also on its Instagram account.

The company released a video featuring the popular Heart Tunnel from the intro of The Powerpuff Girls, so yes, soon we will be able to enjoy the girls’ collection. In the meantime, we leave you a preview of their palettes and everything that will be included in it.

ColourPop will have a super powerful collection

The company already gave us the first look at the collection and the launch date is agreed for the next Wednesday 7 from 10:00 a.m. so fans can prepare and purchase each item in the collection.


What is known so far is that Bombón, Bubble and Acorn will have their own shadow palette, but we will also have eyeliners, bath salts, lipsticks and even hair accessories.

powerpuff girls eyeliners and accessories

As for the packaging, we must admit that they are simply incredible, because the mirrors of the pallets are heart-shaped and we definitely love that.


Some worried that the brand might not reflect the style of the cartoon. However, they hit the nail on the head, as the collection is colorful, fun and its accessories complement each other very well. Now we can only wait to shout: “Take all my money and shut up!”

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