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Celebrities funniest meme of the week


Celebrities funniest meme of the week

Hello! Over on Twitter, a trend is starting that does not yet have a cool hashtag, but who needs hashtags ?! The trend is to show celebrity outfits that look amazingly similar to things.

1. Let’s start with Rihanna as Berlin’s public transport.

“Shine bright like a U2 in the direction of Pankow.”

“You see me on the way to work, work, work, work, work, work in the U7.”

“You can stand under my ringbaaaahn, ringbahn, ringbahn, ring, ring.”

Okay. I think you understood the joke, even though I can not resist this photo of Rihanna and a U1.

2. For some reason, this meme has been evolving a little bit every day for over a week. Here someone has started a thread to compare Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Federal Chancellor, with toasters.

No idea why, but even this comparison works.

Really good even.

This toaster is somehow strange, but at least there’s a toast price.

3. Then it became even more absurd. No idea why, but rapper warrant and these chip cans look pretty much like Brudis.

This thread goes much longer and if you want to see it all, you’ll find it over on Twitter.

4. And if you’re into Deutschrap anyway, this thread about rappers Xatar will entertain you as a pillow.

5. Whole thread with Xatar as a pillow is there.

6. Apparently, spurred on by the success of Sebastian-Kurz-Toaster-Memes, this Thread, who shows Angela Merkel with beer cans, was born.

Also this thread goes much longer and you will find it completely over on Twitter.

7. And while you’re there, you can also give yourself the thread that faces Angela Merkel with a frighteningly similar iron.

The thread continues here.

8. Let’s look abroad. Also with other celebrities from the US, there are fantastic threads. Check out this thread comparing Britney to flip phones. WITH FOLDING PHONES !!!!

I mean FLAP PHONES !!!!

9. If you have not had enough public transport love yet, here’s Taylor Swift as Dutch transport.

10. There is a lot more to Rihanna, too. Here are 8 photos comparing Rihanna with umbrellas.

11. And here Rihanna with LABOR EQUIPMENT – Dude, how do you get that ?! Check out the thread here.

12. Animals were not allowed to be missing. Voilá: Rihanna asdog babies is here.

13. Ariana Grande as donuts is also a recommendation.

14. The thread about Mariah Carey as champagne bottles is exactly what you expect him to be.

15. Comedian Chelsea Peretti as Crocs is also 5/5, gladly again.

16. Brie Larson as ice cream is also so obvious that it bangs.

Source: Buzzfeed

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