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An artist redraws Disney princesses in other nationalities


An artist redraws Disney princesses in other nationalities

These princesses are very well done, we believe them created by Disney

Historically, the Disney universe is an immense source of inspiration for artists worldwide. There are many who hijack and reinvent the mythical characters of all our favorite Disney and often the result is really great. “Let There Be Doodles!” is one of those artists carried by the Disney culture who had the idea to reinvent the Disney princesses in other nationalities and his work is great and the results are sublime. Check out 14  of her creations in this article.

1. Anna

2. Ariel

3. Aurora

4. Beautiful

5. Snow White

6. Cinderella


8. Jane 

9. Jasmine

10. Mulan

11. Pocahontas

12. Rapunzel

13. Rebel

14. Tiara

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