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A YouTuber eats a raw squirrel in the middle of a vegan street market in London


A YouTuber eats a raw squirrel in the middle of a vegan street market in London

Veganism has been gaining popularity in recent years. There are those who practice it in a “more intimate” way, in their private sphere and then there are those who do activism in favor of this way of life. Therefore, it is increasingly common to see demonstrations or acts of protest in favor of veganism or markets and other events dedicated to this issue. This also causes movements against veganism that seek confrontation in this type of acts.

Although this type of confrontations is quite frequent, there are some people who take their protests to the extreme. This weekend the images of a YouTuber called Sv3rige walking through a vegan street market in London circulated on social networks. The alarming thing about the situation is that apparentl the man was biting the corpse of a decapitated squirrel. In addition, he wore a T-shirt that read Veganism = malnutrition (veganism = malnutrition).

Some Twitter users have uploaded videos in which youtuber can be seen holding the squirrel in their hands. (The images can be quite unpleasant).


The videos also show how the police approach the man and try to dialogue with him. Finally, the agents handcuff him. According to the British newspaper The Sun , the police confirmed that they had arrested two people for committing offenses against public order, but they did not confirm whether one of them was Sv3rige itself.

It is not the first time that the youtuber carries out this type of actions in vegan events. Just a week ago, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he ate a pig’s head during a Vegan festival in Brighton. On that occasion, the man spoke with the media to defend his position: “There were eight of us and we did it because veganism is a form of malnutrition. You can not get 15 different nutrients from plants. Some of us are ex-vegans who were tired of it. ”

According to a local newspaper, the group led by Sv3rige confronted the members of Direct Action Everywhere, a group of activists that defend animal rights. The head of the Brighton vegan festival, Tim Barford explained to the newspaper that “the truth is that we knew that this protest had been planned, and we expected that some 30 followers of youtuber would appear. In the end, there were only three, something quite sad and that he remembered the demonstrations in favor of Nigel Farage. ”


“They were dedicated to annoying the children and other members of the public. Then the police arrived, gave them a warning and left. What is interesting about the event is that at the festival there were people who do eat meat, but as a result of what the youtuber did they decided to become vegan. So an anti-vegan protest has caused more people to join veganism, “says Barford sarcastically.

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