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9 habits that can be harmful to your health


9 habits that can be harmful to your health

“Stay upright”, “do not bite your nails”, “cover-up, it’s cold outside”: most of us have heard that all our childhood. But we are habitual beings and with time, we tend to take new ones, often bad and mom is not behind us to warn us …

Often, it is the so-called harmless habits that put our health at risk – not immediately, but over time. Many people subconsciously do the following things every day without realizing that they can make them sick in the long run:

1) Drink a lot of water


Wait a minute: does that mean that adults should not drink at least two to three liters of water a day? Well no. A British researcher specifically advises against drinking beyond thirst, as there is no evidence that increased water intake helps combat skin aging, overweight and headaches. On the contrary, those who drink too much water can damage their kidneys. In the worst case, water poisoning can occur: sodium levels drop sharply, which can lead to serious organic disorders and even death.

The amount of water to drink depends on a variety of factors: physical activity, age, weight, outdoor temperatures, and diet. 

2) Eat in front of the computer


In addition to disturbing your colleagues and putting crumbs everywhere on your keyboard, you are not doing your body a favor. Indeed, the fact of not being focused on food leads to poor digestion and therefore bloating and gastric reflux. Take a break!

3) Cross your legs

Almost everyone does it, and why not? After all, it’s very elegant and nice to sit cross-legged. According to a doctor, the fact that this posture is bad for blood circulation is a myth, but you should not adopt it too frequently because it twists the pelvis and spine. In the long term, this can lead to posture problems and back and neck pain.


4) Microwave popcorn

Preparing popcorn in the microwave can be harmful to health because of diacetyl, a substance that, when heated, evaporates and damages the lungs.
Therefore, it is necessary to let the popcorn cool before eating to avoid or reduce the risks.

5) Walking in sandals


When it’s hot, the pleasure is to walk around with open shoes. Except in the city, bare feet are exposed to a multitude of germs and bacteria. Small wounds, mosquito bites and cuts can ignite very quickly and lead to serious infections. So keep the flip flops for the beach …

6) Sleep on your stomach

For your health, avoid lying on your stomach and sides, because on the one hand it compresses the organs and on the other hand the breathing is obstructed. In addition, sleeping on the side, you tend to misposition your neck. The pain eventually appears with time. Therefore the best position is the one lying on the back.


7) Drinking skimmed milk

To skim milk, fat is extracted. However, during this process, the vitamins are lost. So to compensate, we add milk powder, which makes the whole much less healthy than it should.

8) Feed pigeons


It’s cute to feed the birds except that this practice also has its share of disappointments … By moving their wings and flying away, the pigeons fly everywhere pathogens that we inhale. In the long run, this can cause what is called the disease of bird breeders. An infectious disease that affects the lungs and causes serious breathing problems.

9) The bad sunglasses

Sunglasses with cheap tinted lenses do not protect the eyes from UV rays. On the contrary, with that, the pupils are dilated and thus absorb a double dose of UV, which in the long term ends up damaging the eyes. The risks of cataracts are great.


Source: Bright Side

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