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8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

Illustrator: Leisan Gabidullina


8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

Often, after a serious argument, we tend to think, “Would not it be time to separate?” In reality, a conflict-free relationship exists only in Disney’s princess films, while disputes between two lovers are quite normal. So, instead of breaking the connection with the loved one without thinking too much about it, it is better to understand in the first place if it is really the end of the story, or if it is not just a simple matter. difficult period that will end soon.

WittyBubbles conducted the survey to find out how to differentiate a crisis from a necessary break in order to know how to save your couple in a difficult time.

1. The desire to be alone

8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

  • Crisis : the desire to be alone sometimes, whether staying in silence or out with friends without her partner, is absolutely normal, and do that is pretty good for the relationship. Psychologists even advise couples who spend a lot of time together or who work in the same office to take short breaks so that everyone takes time for themselves, giving themselves the chance to miss each other.
  • End : you have already spent a lot of time apart, but when you are told about going on a business trip as a couple, you start to smile without wanting to. If you wait impatiently for the moment when your partner goes to work or goes out with his friends to stop seeing you for a few hours, even if you do not see you regularly, this is the sign that the end has arrived.

2. Your partner does not miss you

8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

  • Crisis: From time to time, couples are confronted with the fact that the presence of the other begins to disturb them. Routine and lack of rest can weary anyone. Often, only by fatigue, we want to move away from our loved ones and we dream to isolate ourselves somewhere, far from everyone. During these times, you may be surprised to think that your partner has tired you and you can begin to see only his faults. But in these situations, it is best to rest well,  go out with friends without including your partner, or take a trip to clear your head and recharge your batteries.
  • End : you cry for joy when your partner leaves because you feel better alone or with animals. And when you realize he’ll be back soon, you’re almost depressed. You forget to write mutually adorable messages such as “How are you?” Or “I miss you” because there are things or people that are more interesting than your relationship. Maybe it’s time to separate.

3. You have no plan in common for the future

  • Crisis : It is always difficult to find a compromise, especially if there are two strong personalities within the couple, and none wants to give in. This often leads to arguments. But arguments about plans, trying to find a solution to problems or finding an option that fits the requirements of both means that you are two to make efforts. And it is precisely the dreams and ideas that you have in common that keep two people in love together during disputes or crises.
  • End : Your partner says to his friends: “I intend to look for work in another city next year, and move in”. This is the first time you hear it? It is difficult to imagine living with this person in ten to fifteen years. You may have even stopped talking about your projects or goals simply because you do not care about the other’s opinion, or because you’ve never built these plans together. In this case, does your relationship make sense?

4. Arguments become more and more frequent

  • Crisis: the disputes in a sentimental relationship are quite normal . We all experience certain emotions, and sometimes couples experience conflict. And even if after a big fight, you slammed the door or if you went to take refuge with your parents, you should wait a little, calm down, discuss the problem, find a solution and continue your relationship with your partner. For some couples, disagreements happen simply because both parties are very emotional . But that does not mean it’s time to separate forever.
  • End : If you started arguing every day for no good reason, it’s worth taking a break and thinking. And if the big arguments that end in passionate reconciliation have become daily quarrels, if you do not react anymore to what is happening and you’re not afraid of losing the other, then maybe we should think about it and make a final decision. Relationships are, above all, joy, not permanent conflict.

5. You wish to live your day in your own way

  • Crisis : There is a theory that opposites attract each other. And, of course, it can be incredibly interesting and seductive for two people with radically different professions to get into a relationship. Nevertheless, this can cause problems from time to time, such as the management of free time if one of them wants to sleep, while the other wants to go out at the bar or nightclub. Nevertheless, sooner or later, couples who love each other find an option that makes them both happy, even if you have to raise your tone or break a plate before (depending on the emotions of the couple).
  • End : from daybreak, everyone plans their own program of the day, and everyone lives happily in his own way, without wanting to waste time or energy planning anything with his partner. If this happens too often, it is possible that the relationship has come to an end.

6. The other manipulates you

8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

  • Crisis : Handling your partner is a type of psychological abuse, but sometimes we choose this method to achieve our ends. For example, we refuse to spend an intimate moment with our partner after an argument, or we head to get a little attention. If you notice similar behavior at home or at your partner’s, and if it’s something that happens from time to time, without being too regular, it’s more of a reason to discuss the situation or go see a psychologist, as a couple, but that’s not a reason to break your relationship.
  • End : If your partner does not want to spend intimate moments with you in exchange for something (material things, avoid domestic chores, take a trip, etc.), this is not normal. It is better to run away from a partner who manipulates and abuses the other. We must not believe that this is a normal situation, because the manipulated individual is humiliated, he finally convinces himself that he is not worthy of his partner, and does not realize this that is happening. A relationship like this is very dangerous for mental health.

7. Imbalance of power and responsibility

8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

  • Crisis : In a healthy relationship, both parties are considered responsible for their common future, so in a difficult time, both are trying to find a way out of the situation. If at the moment you argue seriously, your companion apologizes to you sooner or later despite the offenses, he is willing to listen to you and he seeks a compromise because he is not indifferent to what happened. . In this case, you should give him another chance.
  • End : If you see that the lack of understanding is growing in your relationship, but you are the only one who matters, we must discuss this problem. In love, there  should be no struggle for power, nor reproaches and blackmail. Two people have the same rights and responsibilities for what is happening. The pressure imposed by friends, the thirst for superiority, and at the same time the lack of willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions, speak of an imbalance of power. Maybe you should not pursue this kind of relationship.

8. Lack of support

8 Signs that can differentiate a crisis from a break in a relationship

  • Crisis : One should not forget the healthy selfishness in a relationship. Do not do something you do not like in the name of sacrificial love. In the first place, you must be happy. So, you have every right not to support your partner’s plans for the next few years, so going into it will complicate your future (for example, his desire to go abroad alone or with you, but in a country where you do not want to settle). Nevertheless, this is not a reason to separate, but rather a reason to discuss the situation calmly and find a solution that satisfies both of you.
  • End : sometimes, you realize that you do not want to ask your friend for advice, you prefer to talk to a friend or your mother, because you know you will not listen to what your partner tells you. Or maybe even his smallest accomplishments cease to interest you, and you no longer feel the urge to send him a tender message or wish him good luck for this business meeting. Lack of support and willingness to help, starting with everyday things and ending with the most important moments of life, often speak to the end of the relationship.

Have you ever ended a relationship for similar reasons? Did you regret it? Tell us in the comments.

Illustrator: Leisan Gabidullina


Source: Sympa

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