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5 tips to fight against falling eyelids


5 tips to fight against falling eyelids

Many women over 30 are complexed by their drooping eyelids. This quite natural process can sometimes look tired or sad, even if it is not. Although in most cases, the eyelids that fall are in the genes, excessive exposure to light and poor nutrition can also lead to this phenomenon.

When the eyelids fall, there is no cream or other that can go back. It is for this reason that we must anticipate and act accordingly to prevent the latter from collapsing. If unfortunately, it is already the case, there are some techniques to make that the effects are less marked.

Here are 5 tips to reduce or avoid sagging eyelids that fall:


1.) A good use of makeup

There are makeup tips to make your eyes look bigger. To do this, you have to use a very fine pencil. Avoid the big features under the eye, because it narrows the look. Use a light eye shadow on your eyelid and make up the upper eyelids with a darker hue, up to the top. Then, gently pull on the eyelid and make up the natural hollow of the same dark shade. Blend everything to avoid a line between hues.

If the eyelid touches the eye, use the darker eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Finally, put some mascara to enlarge the look.


2. The fine eyebrows

Yes, the thick eyebrows bring out the falling eyelids. This is why it is best, if you are concerned, to get your eyebrows to enlarge your eyes.

3. Lymphatic drainage


Another solution to fight the falling eyelids is to go to see a specialist in lymphatic drainage. You can also massage yourself, from the nose to the eyebrows towards the sinuses. Tap your fingers from the outside inside the cheekbones. Finally, stick your compresses soaked in black tea (cold of course) on the eyelids. 

4. Correction tapes (Magic stripes)

Today there is a new product to reduce sagging eyelids. Magicstripe tapes are made of silicone and stick to the eyelid to support the falling skin. Do not panic, the tape is extremely thin and transparent and can not be seen.


Watch the following video to learn how to use them:

5. The care pen (plasma)

A good alternative to operations. This device in the shape of a pen projects a cloud of plasma on the eyelid, between the skin and the pen, to remove the falling skin. Treatment should be done by a professional and under local anesthesia.


We can not fight the passage of time or aging. Nevertheless, it is possible to anticipate the process in order to reduce its effects. Hoping that these 5 tips are a great help!

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