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5 foods you should NEVER wash before eating


5 foods you should NEVER wash before eating

In everyday life, we come into contact with a myriad of bacteria and it is for this reason that nature has provided us with various protection systems. One of the most important is the immune system, which recognizes and neutralizes any intruder that enters our body. This does not mean that we should not worry about it and thus introduce bacteria indiscriminately! There are virtuous practices that minimize contamination: the simplest is to know which foods should be washed before being consumed and which ones should not be. Here are 4 foods that should never be rinsed, and 4 that should always be washed.

1. Pasta

image: Marco Verch / Flickr

This advice is more culinary than salutary. We do not know where the custom of washing pasta comes from, but it is absolutely incorrect! This process removes the starch which makes them more flavorful and adherent to the sauce. They can only be washed in specific situations, that is to say if you want to add them to a cold salad or saute them in a saucepan.


2 Eggs

Some people think that they should wash the eggs before putting them in the refrigerator. In fact, the eggs, which are laid, are covered with a film that protects them from bacteria, then they are treated and covered with a new protective film. If they are washed, this protection is altered, which exposes them to bacterial attacks.


3. Chicken meat

image: PublicDomainPictures


Birds are immune to many diseases that are harmful to humans, some even deadly. Therefore their meat is a receptacle for bacteria and many believe that washing it before cooking is a solution. This is not to do! In this way, the bacteria, with the inevitable splash of water, are dispersed in the sink, on the surface of the kitchen and perhaps even on the utensils, thus aggravating the possible contamination. Once the chicken is removed from the package, it should be cooked directly, then the hands should be washed. The only way to sterilize the chicken is to cook it well!

4. Red meat


As with chicken (which remains the riskiest), other meats should never be washed. If you wish, you can use a paper towel to remove red water that builds up in the package before cooking.


5. Mushrooms


The mushrooms absorb moisture and water very quickly. If you want to wash them, but you do not have to cook them immediately, dry them with paper towels, otherwise they will lose their texture and taste!

Let’s see now which foods should be washed in cold water.

image: pxhere


1. Fruits with inedible skin


Even if you do not consume the skin, as in the case of watermelon or melon, bacteria will always find a way to go from the outer surface to the edible part; thorough washing is recommended.

2. Fruits with edible peel

image: Personal Creations


If you want to consume the skin (which is strongly discouraged, unless you are sure of the totally biological origin of the fruit), the fruit should always be washed, even if it seems extremely clean. Indeed, you will never know who touched him and with what he was in contact.

3. Dried fruits


Dried fruits, even if they are peeled, are often sold by weight, which means that you can not know what kind of containers were used to transport or weigh them. A washing before consumption is always recommended.


3. Canned foods

image: Wikipedia

Canned goods are stacked in warehouses and containers, so we do not know what they came in contact with. As with peeled foods, surface bacteria can easily contaminate our hands, the cooktop and food. The same goes for beverage cans, on which we even put our lips. Rinsing is a quick and easy operation that can make all the difference!

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