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42 snapshots that made history


42 snapshots that made history

The modern world thinks she has eaten wisdom with spoons. Especially in terms of fashion, style and appearance but there were epochs of humanity, which were at least as impressive. If not more.

The incomparable Audrey Hepburn at a movie premiere, 1953.

Frank Sinatra after the helicopter landing with a drink in his hand.

Rocker bride with a motorcycle in the English province.

The Beatles in Germany, before they gained world fame.

Skater in suit on a pond in Central Park, New York (1937).

Ellen O’Neal, the best skateboarder of the 70s, training.

Three little offspring gangsters on the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

Jimi Hendrix, Backstage at Monterey, 1967.

Diana Rigg (including “With Umbrella, Charm and Melon” and “Game of Thrones”) in 1967.

The Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (center, with glasses) and his cabinet in 1968. Today his eldest son is in the same office.

Girl on a scooter in 1969.

The little Caroline Kennedy. Her world famous father wears her favorite doll.

A few greasers in the New York of the 50s.

Sean Connery relaxed in the smoker’s salon.

“Zettelpost” instead of SMS in class, 1944.

The passport photo of the young Ernest Hemingway, 1923.

Special issue of the LIFE magazine on “Students and Fashion”.

Clint Eastwood with supporting actors in San Francisco, 1954.

Women boxing on a roof in Los Angeles, 1933.

The young Sigourney Weaver in a pantsuit.

These were still clothes: the fashion of the early 50s.

Children in Chicago, 1941.

Marlon Brando during test shots on “Because they do not know what they are doing”. The role ultimately went to James Dean.

The epitome of style: Cary Grant in the early ’50s.

A family photo from the turn of the century.

A couple at BeBop, a fashion dance of the time.

Brigitte Bardot looks over Pablo Picasso’s shoulder.

The young Michael Caine (2-time Oscar winner) at the morning reading.

A sales representative on roller skates with motor – at the gas station.

Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger in the train compartment on a trip to Wales.

Sean Connery leaves the house for a game of golf.

David Bowie in the crosshairs of justice (because of alleged drug possession).

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali – this time in the fine thread, not with gloves and shorts.

A model shoots at Union Square in New York City. This waist …

A pretty couple in the rain of London.

Teenager on first date in a milk bar (50s).

A couple on Michigan Avenue in Chicago in the late ’60s.

Office life with cigarette. Unthinkable today.

Dean Martin and Angie Dickinson on the film set of “Rio Bravo”.

Teenage girl with her first car in the early 50s.

The young Kevin Spacey in the late 70s.

Paul Newman on a boat trip outside Venice.

I could not get enough of this gallery of elegance. Whether there will be something like this in functional jackets with smartphone and coffee mug in hand later? I have some doubt.

Image Credit: Imgur

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