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25 Photos that show that once you adopt a pet, you never get bored


25 Photos that show that once you adopt a pet, you never get bored

Animals are the best friends in the world. When you adopt a pet, it’s like taking a ticket for a new life in which you will never be bored again. Chase and hide everything they find, follow you to the bathroom, nibble the furniture, do anything to catch your attention, or put on the photos: it’s impossible to feel sad beside these charming creatures because they make every day look like a new adventure!

WittyBubbles has found for you 25 photos shared by the pet owners, who will cheer you up and even give you the urge to adopt one as soon as possible.

25. “A few months ago, my dog ​​Maggie stole my dad’s denture while he was taking a nap.”

© eUniFiEd / twitter  


24. “This is Finnick. He has decided that he has finished his walk, and he does not intend to go back on all fours. “

© dog_rates / twitter  


23. The reaction of this cat to this kiss is very funny.

© jaribhai1235 / reddit  

22. “You should beware if your daughter and your dog disappear on the first floor for an hour.”

© KateOfHysteria / twitter  


21. “My cat is a little silly, but he’s cute.”

© KingkongRS7 / reddit  


“My dog ​​was tired, but he kept following me in the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

© Thaimae / reddit  

19 “The owls may be symbols of wisdom, they are finally stupid enough.”

© liamdryden  


18. “My pitbull has long thought he was the biggest dog in the park.”

© warros / reddit  


17. “I did not want my cat to splash my shorts while I bathed him, so I pulled him out. Then I found him like that. “

© GavinFree / twitter  

16. “Some people want this dog to be adopted, so they chose this photo for the announcement.”

© zzzman82 / reddit  


15. “Five beds and ten very comfortable chairs in this house. And where does he sit? On the eggs! “

© leetabix / twitter  


14. “He grew up with two cats.”

© unknown / imgur  

13. “She was not happy until I left her with my hot cup of tea in her basket.”

© oldgrimalkin / reddit  


12. “Cruella … Cruella Denfer … !!”

© ThaTrail / twitter  


11. “Trying to work with a cat can be a challenge at times.”

© clarissaness / twitter  

10. “I just wanted to take a good bath, when suddenly …”

© hbarinsky / twitter  


9. “My mother-in-law’s cat is obsessed with shrimp. This is the head he makes when we eat it. “

© DrAbro / reddit  


8. “Whenever I enjoy a sweet treat …”

© dogtextings / twitter  

“It may be that my cat has become a little too big …”

© sample_material / reddit  


6 “Every time I take my dog ​​for a walk, he stops to see his girlfriend. It’s like Romeo and Juliet. “

© mbeezy69 / twitter  


5. “I recently discovered that my dog ​​loved carrots.”

© OopsIArted / reddit  

4. “I told my cat that he was very pretty, and I took a picture of his face.”

© rachelnicolec / reddit  


3. My brother and his girlfriend took their dog on a hike, but the ground was too hot …. So that’s how it ended. “

© taymonnnzzz / twitter  


2. Without the least remorse …

© Lolfacts / imgur  

“Buying a Japanese shoji door was not a great idea …”


1. I met this dog and asked his master to let me take a picture of him. When he saw my phone, he sat down and smiled at me. “

© pollythompsonn_ / twitter  

Which photo made you laugh the most? Do you have pets ? Have they ever done things as remarkable as they are fun? Leave us a message in the comments section, and share this article with the people around you!


Cover photo mbeezy69 / twitter , jaribhai1235 / reddit 

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