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20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!


20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!

You may have heard hundreds of times that nature is inimitable, it can never be said enough! And for good reason, each animal species that lives there is simply fascinating. If, at the time of the meeting, you managed to get out of this state of shock and seize the moment to take a picture, it is a sign of destiny. The biggest animal photography lovers even participate in annual competitions …

WittyBubbles admires the creative abilities of mother nature and hopes that, thanks to these 20 photos, even readers less sensitive to its beauty will be able to share our emotions!


Albino elephant

20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!

© olygarchyoligarchy / Reddit  

They should have called it Oreo …

20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!

© mac_is_crack / Reddit  


Black Jaguar in a Slovak zoo

Rainbow lobster

Rollier with long strands, small but seeing!

Pink fox named Miko

“At first, I thought I picked up a piece of glass …”

This spotted deer appears to be wearing a mask for a party:

A caterpillar that looks more like a miniature copy of a Chinese dragon

This ripe blackberry is actually an oranda, a variety of golden carp:

This giraffe has been forgotten by the stains

This marine iguana seems to participate in the shooting of the Mad Max sequel:

20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!

© asherbarasher / Pikabu  


Did you know the bird-secretary? Would you like to have her eyelashes?

Sometimes owls have a strangely human face …

Does such a snake really exist on Earth?

Violet Mantis. Yes, they really exist!

This striped hyena really has a 100% punk look!

Scientists call them “crocodiles with sparkling red eyes”, but we are convinced that they are little dragons …

Blue sea dragon: embodied elegance!

We suspect that in the lineage of this pitbull, there were also panthers …

20 amazing animals that can not be forgotten!

© Ksufka / Pikabu  


Do you have other impressive pictures of animals? Share them in the comments!

Cover photo Ksufka / Pikabu , asherbarasher / Pikabu 


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