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18 haircuts that should be banned by law!


18 haircuts that should be banned by law!

There are few people who come out of the hairdresser 100% satisfied and, according to our personal statistics, it is mainly women who are rarely completely satisfied with the result, especially when the hairdresser takes the liberty to cut too much hair!

Then there are those who wear their haircuts not without pride and … one wonders how it is possible, in all honesty.  

You think we’re a little cow with them? Look rather, you will understand! 😀


Two big dreads on the side … Alternative style? No, just horrible!

image: zslayer69

A shaved band in the center of the head. Recommended if you want to hurt your look for good

image: HotLoadOfTom

Why choose a single color when you can display a myriad ?!

image: @ImJaesyun


And why choose a single hairstyle when you can choose three?

image: Techno_Bacon

Packed by his beard and hair. Delirious.

picture: selemi

Oh look, it looks like it’s trendy!

image: burnt_hair


But why did you commit this crime in terms of look? He seems pretty proud of it anyway (and if he feels good like that, he is right after all!)

A mustache of hair … Why not …

image: Spriggs117s

A radical choice!

image: OfficialDeraj

The feminine version of a Teletubbies

image: HotLoadOfTom


The band around the forehead is the finishing touch …

image: OfficialDeraj

Personally, I would have avoided the selfie!

image: Stiwc

Everything is in the braid …

image: HotLoadOfTom


At another time but nice!

image: ProllyJustWantsKarma

Hair growing like a mushroom (giant)

picture: whicketywack

You look coconut

image: @normanislatte


Double beard

image: @beingblackislit

With such hair, he really wants to govern the United States ?!

image: @DSolowey

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