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16 Things that surprised you after visiting Japan for the first time


16 Things that surprised you after visiting Japan for the first time

Her name is Juliane, editor of Buzzfeed Germany. She had the opportunity to travel to Japan for three weeks and in this article, she tells us the details that surprised her most during her trip. Check out:

1. Starting with the most important: The toilets. They are extremely clean and advanced. They have multiple functions and sounds. Just to get an idea of ​​their functions, the following photo shows the number of buttons with functions available for a single toilet.

2. A smart solution for those who have had to go to a public restroom with a baby in their arms.

3. Now with the theme of food. To avoid confusion in restaurants, they show you the menus in plastic versions.

4. This is what one of the most popular street foods looks like. Made with potatoes.

5. We have to talk about beverage vending machines: They have a small light under each drink. The light flashes if the drink has already run out. If there is a blue line it is because the drink is cold, and the red line is for hot drinks. Very smart.

6. This is what a mini-filter looks like with instant coffee, which tastes great, and they sell it everywhere.

7. In the markets, you can buy edible flowers to decorate your meals.

8. Now let’s talk about design. The designs are made to simplify life according to Japanese customs, thinking about each of the details. Below you can see the Katsura Villa an imperial villa built 400 years ago on the outskirts of Tokyo.

9. In the city it is also common to see buildings adorned with plants.

10. In some cities like Odawara they like to decorate the sewer covers.

11. The Japanese are fans of signs and signs. Apparently, some people have a habit of mounting on toilets.

12. And that’s how they warn you that one of the stairs is uneven.

13. In the storerooms, before trying on clothes, they ask you to cover yourself with a semi-transparent bag. This to keep clothes clean and free of makeup stains.

14. Another smart detail. In outdoor sites, it is common to find baskets so you can place your things without getting dirty.

15. This is a “Bento” box of cold food. You can find it on all trains, and it is very tasty.

16. Traveling inside Japan is also a lot of fun. The trains are incredibly punctual. And the whole system is easy to understand using colors to guide you. The trains inside are very clean and the food very good. The bullet or bullet train reaches 320 km / h, so you can travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima very quickly.

17. They are also very fanatic of lights. Here you can see a photo of an exhibition in the museum of digital art. It’s like visiting Disney but with a lot of technological and interactive art.

Which of these curiosities did you like the most?

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