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15 ideas of belly painting that you will love


15 ideas of belly painting that you will love

For some time, the technique of belly painting is in fashion. And it’s no wonder, for future moms, getting their own belly-painting done with original designs is a fun way to keep unique and personalized memories of this important moment of pregnancy. And whether you do it yourself or with a professional, the result is simply stunning.

The  WittyBubbles team presents you today some examples of belly painting that will not fail to attract all your attention!


1. A lion

2. The most beautiful smile

3. A unicorn baby


4. A first name

5. Dory and Nemo

6. Resplendent!

7. Nature

8. Baby is there, do you feel it?

9. Macaroon the wolverine

10. Lotus flower

11. As in a comic strip

12. Watermelon party!

13. The Little Prince

14. Goku baby

15. Halloween

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