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15 design creations that deserve a medal


15 design creations that deserve a medal

Product and packaging designers do not have it easy. After all, their “creations” must be both innovative and functional. But the bright minds behind the following 15 design creations seem to have completely reinvented the wheel.

1.) cup and saucer in one.

Reddit / hehasntreddit

2.) So that’s what the modern bottle mail looks like.

Imgur / Timtimgrimslimjim

3.) The new Mini Cooper (2019) with taillights in the pattern of the national flag of the United Kingdom.

Reddit / AurricX

4.) The futuristic IKEA lamp, somehow reminiscent of the Star Wars Death Star.

5.) Caffeine-containing lollipops whose packaging looks like a full battery.

Redit / Certesis

6.) Slippers that every “Super Mario” fan has to wear on their feet!

Imgur / SDNEOGEOpocket

7.) What looks like the portal in another dimension does not bring you into distant worlds, but at least to the first floor.

Reddit / ITechnologies

8.) Bicycle rack in the form of padlocks. Although they are not more practical than any other, they are prettier in every case.

Reddit / jakefanstone

9.) Keeping things organized is twice as fun with these key holders.

10.) The Christmas edition of a very popular chocolate manufacturer.

Reddit / istarxh

11.) You can already hear the music before you even unpack the headphones.

Imgur / unknown user

12.) With this multifunctional sink you have space even in the smallest kitchen.

Imgur / jav3r

13.) Never again would you have to pour the ketchup on the dirty tray!

Imgur / SuckieMcSuck

14.) That nobody has come to this before!

Imgur / Bushlexia

15.) Thanks to this groundbreaking invention, you can swing the billiard cue even in heavy seas.

Wow! A groundbreaking idea and some creativity can breathe new life into old things. 

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