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12-year-old boy opened a school in his yard to help other children


12-year-old boy opened a school in his yard to help other children

It also helps adults in your community who cannot read or add. He is an inspiring child.

Tiny Leonardo Nicanor Quinteros, twelve years old, saw an afternoon in 2014 as one of his friends from the humble neighborhood where he lives with his grandmother in San Juan, a city in the valley east of the Andes in Argentina, needed help to do his homework and decided to sit next to him to support him in performing these tasks.

he next day, the situation was repeated again and little by little more children came in search of the twelve-year-old boy to help them, that’s how a small, improvised, but lovely school was born.


A 12-year-old boy gives his community what his rulers deny him.

Under the name of “Homeland and Union” Leonardo Nicanor or “Profe Nico” as his students affectionately call him, he organized his own educational institution, focused on supporting the members of his community, be they, boys or adults.

At the moment the school that he directs already has 36 enrolled students to which he distributes in the six levels that he enabled, according to his academic level. He is the only teacher, so after attending his own duties at the school he attends in the morning, every afternoon he runs from classroom to classroom teaching basic math, science and Spanish classes.

The majority of students are children of similar age to Leonardo Nicanor or minors, but also have older students, among them, Mirta Donoso, a 40-year-old woman who walks more than half an hour to attend the boy’s school with only one purpose: learn to read and write.


With tears in his eyes, he told the newspaper El Clarín, how grateful he felt with “Prof Nico” because thanks to his rigorous lessons he already knows how to write his name.

With scarce resources, grandmother and grandson undertake the construction of their humble school.

Although smiles abound in the small school, needs too. The courtyard of Grandma Ramona’s house is not enough to house all the grades that the unofficial institution requires, so the twelve-year-old had to use two tiny rooms inside the house to establish the living rooms their 1st – 2nd and 5th – 6th while grades 3-4 remain outside.

For this reason and with the aim of supporting her grandson’s beautiful educational initiative, Mrs. Ramona requested a loan to buy some construction materials and thus improve the facilities.


We wish you the greatest success in your attempt and we thank you, especially Leonardo Nicanor for being the living example that when you have the will to help others the impossible word does not exist. How much we want the rulers of our countries to have at least a little of your heart.

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