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12 famous men who were women


12 famous men who were women

According to a study published in 2017, there are more than a million transsexual people in the United States alone, and 50% of them are young adults. They realized that they had lived long in the wrong body and decided that it was time to change that. The sex change was only the first step to finding oneself and starting a new life

At WittyBubbles, we want to show you how these 12 women completely changed their lives when they decided to become men and to have the body that made them feel really themselves.

1. Aydian Dowling

12 famous men who were women

© Aydian Dowling / facebook   © Aydian Dowling / facebook  


Aydian is the first transsexual man to appear on the cover of Gay Times magazine Before that, he was part of a campaign that tried to put him on the cover of Men’s Health, and he even appeared in Ellen magazine to increase his chances, but unfortunately he did not get there. He said that the first time we saw him as a boy was the most decisive day in his life. That’s what happened when he was queuing up and a woman behind the counter called him “sir”, which made him realize that people saw him as the person he always had. wanted to be.

2. Jamie Wilson

Jamie was 18 years old when he decided to start his transition from a woman to a man. When he announced his decision to his family and friends, almost everyone abandoned him and thought he was too “feminine” to be a man. They were surprised to hear the news because, as they said, “she showed no signs” during all those years, alluding to her unease about being a woman. Even today, many people accuse him of trying too hard to look like a man. But he is no longer sad because of those who abandoned him because he made new friends in the LGBTQ community because of his true identity.

3. Elijah Stephens

12 famous men who were women

© njdotcom / twitter  


This man was the first person in New Jersey to acquire a male reproductive organ. This allowed him to feel all the feeling of being a boy. The doctors used the skin of Elijah’s forearm in an operation that lasted 14 hours. The intervention was a success and, after a while, he learned to live and spend his daily life with his new organ. The best thing is that Elijah has been in a relationship for a long time, since the first day the transition began, and together they overcame all the obstacles that entailed.

4. Ian Harvie

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Ian Harvie is a comedian who became famous for his role in the television series Transparent and Mistresses. Hollywood has ranked it in the field of transgender and has become a powerful voice for the needs and problems of the community. When she was young, her mother dressed her on official occasions, but she immediately put on boy’s clothes when they returned home. Ian declared himself homosexual when she left the house at the age of 19, but still felt a huge weight on his shoulders. He disappeared when she made the transition and began her new journey. Today, he defends the interests of the transgender community and makes live comedy throughout the United States.

5. Laith Ashley

12 famous men who were women

© Mambo 1000 / twitter   © laith_ashley / instagram  

Laith is one of the few transgender models to have an impressive career. He was even the first member of the crew of the  RuPaul Drag Race. He said that he enjoyed spending more time with the children and that he used to tear up his clothes and tear off the ribbons of his female underwear. He did not begin his transition until he was almost 25, and once that transition was over, he saw his modeling career soar.However, there have been cases where people refused to work with him or represent him just after they knew he was a transgender man. He also found it very difficult to find work as an actor because producers do not consider him a transgender man or boy simply because they want faces that are visibly trans and not as masculine as Laith.


6. Lucas Silveira

12 famous men who were women

© Lucas Silveira / facebook   © Lucas Silveira / facebook  

Lucas Silveira is the leader of a Canadian rock band and the first transgender boy to be chosen as “Canada’s Most Attractive Living Man”. His transition began when he ended his 6-year relationship with his partner. He  spent many years feeling unhappy about his life and thinking that transition was impossible, so he had to learn to live like a woman. After his separation, he decided it was time to pursue his true identity, which affected his group, but only at the beginning. Even today, some people still call her “her,” but he tries to be very patient, thinking that they are simply ignorant or intolerant.


7. Ryan Sallans

Ryan Sallans is a writer and carpenter who decided to start his journey to become a man in 2005. Since that day, Ryan has been a recognized advocate and spokesperson for the transgender community. He has spoken at more than 70 universities in the United States. Its mission is to educate people around the world and educate them about transgender people, to show that no matter how afraid we are, we can always achieve what we want if that is our destiny.

8. Shane Ortega

12 famous men who were women

© Shane Ortega / twitter   © shaneortega_ / instagram  

Shane Ortega served in the US Army as a woman and then as a transgender man in Afghanistan. His mother is a lesbian and he grew up in an environment surrounded by the LGBTQ communityand its values. Although he was aware of the military restrictions imposed on homosexuals and transsexuals, he did not hesitate and served his country. He is now an advocate for LGBTQ members of the Armed Forces and is struggling to lift the ban on joining these groups.


9. Ryan Cassata

Ryan Cassata is an American musician who underwent a double mastectomy at 18 years old. However, he had already identified himself as a man since the age of 13. He has never taken testosterone, like most trans men, and says that one of the biggest problems in his daily life is walking in public toilets, where he is sometimes verbally abused or even physically abused. He has been on famous television shows, including Larry King Live , and is constantly trying to help people who are going through this transition.

10. Leo Sheng

Leo Sheng began his transition in 2014, when he also underwent his first major operation. He shared his journey on Instagram to try to teach people what it means to undertake this transition and what it takes to deal with it. It took a long time for him to publish something from his childhood or early adolescence, because of the feminine dress and personality he had at the time. At first, he claimed that time had never existed in his life. Its purpose is to remove the stigma of the transgender community and to make people understand that transgender people are just like everyone else.

11. Elliot Fletcher

12 famous men who were women

© elliot fletcher / twitter  

Elliot Fletcher is one of Hollywood’s most popular male transsexuals, and has played in television series such as Faking It, The Fosters and Shameless. He also participated in the first sex scene with transgender people on television, and his goal was to be the first trans superhero.He always identified himself as a man and tried to end his life twice during his school years, simply because he could not live like a woman. Everyone has always said that he is a girl and that he prefers to die rather than live like that. Then, at 17, he introduced himself to his parents as transgender and asked his teachers to call him “him” and not “her”. Now, he is happier than ever with how he is perceived and surrounds himself only with people who love and understand him.

12. Chris Mosier

Chris Mosier is a triathlete who has been a driving force behind changing the guidelines for transgender athlete participation in international games. He was the first trans athlete to join the US team and the first to participate in a Nike ad. He used to go out with a lot of boys to college, but one day he met a woman who later became his wife. She had trouble identifying as a lesbian and always thought she was straight.The reason was that she did not identify as a woman. He was also disappointed with his body and never agreed with his breasts until he began making his transition in 2010. His wife not only supported her during the trip, but she also set more career records by measuring against male athletes during this period.

How much do you think someone needs to be strong to make such a change and face all the hardships it brings? Tell us what you think about it in the comments section.


Cover photo Mambo 1000 / twitter , laith_ashley / instagram

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