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10 Types Of People You Will Find In All Offices


10 Types Of People You Will Find In All Offices

If you have worked in an office long enough, you have met each of these people. You can know them by another name, or a slightly different behavior … but you know who it is …

The one who cuts the toenails

Cheezburger Image 9237028864

Come on, man. You do not have five minutes to do that when you get home tonight? The “click click clicks” will echo through your nightmares for weeks.

The hero who makes the coffee

Cheezburger Image 9237029632

The worst nightmare

Cheezburger Image 9237029888

“Did you try turning it off and on again?” There is always a person in the office who somehow downloads all the viruses and every day thinks that his monitor is broken when in fact he forgot to turn it on.


The one who is always late and has a new excuse every day

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How many flat tires can you have a car in a year? Of course, the traffic was bad, but the rest of us miraculously managed to get there in time, Toby.

The best friend of all

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It’s the kind of friend you need in every office: they always back you up and are willing to help you if necessary. Maybe you only see them when you’re alone, the best imaginary friends also count.

Mr. Pistols

Cheezburger Image 9237031168

Save those things, cowboy. Your personality is not defined by the gestures of your hands.


The microwave abuser

Cheezburger Image 9237031680

This olfactory offender thought it was a good idea to bring a portion of odorous fish for lunch. Do not forget the moment when you burned the popcorn and left everything smelly for a week ..

The guy who makes the sound effects

Cheezburger Image 9237032192

He’s trying to be funny, but most of the time he gets blocked and burned. “PHEEEEEEWW PFFCHT!” “

The sweaty guy who was riding a bike to work

Cheezburger Image 9237032448

Of course, it is good for the environment, but it is not good for our work environment.


Image & source: Cheezburger

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