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10 short stories that reveal the essence of true love

short stories about true love


10 short stories that reveal the essence of true love

It is easy to love each other when adversity and difficulties are not present. However, in real life, each couple’s relationship, at least once, goes through a true test of strength.

Thus, WittyBubbles has compiled for you 10 stories about people whose love is not afraid of adversity, whatever they are. That is feeling and pure delivery!

  • One afternoon I realized how much you have to love women. In an underground crosswalk, I helped an old woman carrying bags to climb the stairs. She thanked me for the gesture and after hesitating a little asked me to accompany her to the entrance of her house. It turned out that she needed my help to reach her home as soon as possible because her husband every time she left, went to the portal to look for her. An old man, almost blind, with a cane, barely moved to the entrance of the house. He walked to meet his beloved and carry the bags she carried from the store. Immediately, it came to my mind how often I refused to go find my girlfriend, who came from a store or from the train because I just didn’t feel like getting up and going out.
  • At 19 I lost a leg. At that time I was dating a girl and we were in love. Suddenly, she went abroad, claiming she did it to earn money for us. I wanted to believe it, but I understood that she was lying to me. One day I told her that I wanted to leave her because it was the best for her. About a month later, I was home when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my crutches, opened the door and there she was! I didn’t have time to say anything when I received a slap in the face, I couldn’t stand up and I fell. She sat next to me, hugged me and said: “Idiot, I didn’t abandon you. Tomorrow we go to the clinic, where you can try your prosthesis. I went to earn money for you. You can walk again, do you understand? ”At that moment, I felt a lump in my throat, I couldn’t say half a word. I hugged her tightly and just burst into tears.
  • My older sister got married. Very often her husband behaves like a child and shows a face of disgust saying that he will not eat one or the other dish: she has not cut the meat as he likes. At this time, I remember my sister’s ex-boyfriend: she prepared chicken liver and he always ate it saying that he had never tasted anything richer. It turned out that he had an intolerance to that food, but it is clear that he loved my sister madly.
  • My wife, after giving birth, her eyesight deteriorated. She also wore glasses before, but it got much worse. I could not stand seeing so much suffering: I asked for an additional job, even though the Internet I found a way to get more income. I worked like never before for almost a year, without getting enough sleep. And here it is! I saved money for a laser operation that corrected her vision problems. Recently she returned from the hospital, surprising everyone around her. And I don’t mind this hard year of so much exhaustion and sleepless nights! I have a healthy son and a happy wife, that’s what matters!
  • At 18 I was diagnosed with a small brain tumor. I thought it was cancer and that I would soon die, so I told my boyfriend that I would understand everything if he left me. He turned it into a joke, answering that he could only leave me out of the ring (he’s a fighter) if I talked about it again. In the end, the tumor turned out to be benign. Now, I’m 21 years old, we have been married for two years and we have a daughter. I will never forget your support in that difficult time for me.
  • Lately, my mother is having heart problems. I’ve been living with her for a week, my father has been away on business for a month. Yesterday I had to go back. At night we were in the kitchen, I looked at her: thin, pale and beautiful. Over his face, an icy calm, but her hands trembled. I hear the sound of the key in the lock, Dad is back. Mom ran to the door, grabbed him crying and muttered something impossible to understand. He also hugged her tightly and I was in the background smiling. Love is your most important medicine.
  • I met a young man online. Cheerful, polite, kind. Also, with a very nice appearance. For several years we talked on Skype. Then, I realized that I loved him. He loved me too, but he was afraid to meet me. I insisted on it, I went to see it crossing a thousand kilometers. It turned out that the young man was a person suffering from a disability. I could not walk. We spent three months together. Soon we got married. For me, he is the best, Professor X!
  • I am sterile. To my first girlfriend, with whom I had a serious relationship, I didn’t tell her for a long time, I was afraid and, when she discovered the truth, she left me. I spent a year with depression, then I had another relationship that ended in nothing. About six months ago I met a girl, I fell madly in love with her, I kept silent about my problem and yesterday I told her everything. I was ready for anything, but she looked at me and told me that in the future we could adopt a child from the orphanage. I burst into tears, I want to marry her!
  • We recently moved to an apartment in St. Petersburg, a city that was blocked during World War II. In the property, we begin with the reforms. When we disassembled one of the floors, we found a niche with some letters: a woman, Ana, who wrote to her husband, Eugenio, who told her how she lived there with her three children, or rather, how she survived, how the city resisted and how they all hoped to meet him again. The last letter reached us at the bottom of our soul: “We are waiting for you, Eugene. I can’t write anymore, my pencil has run out, but I’m going to think about you. Sit down, look at the sky and sit down. ”
  • I was going out with a normal girl, very pretty, pampered by a good life. With her, it was easy to have fun and my income allowed me to satisfy her whims. I proposed marriage and she accepted. But only a couple of weeks later, I suffered an accident and as a result, a partial paralysis. This spoiled girl became my nurse, an affectionate woman and my trusted friend for several months, even though I felt helpless and miserable. She sold many things without which I thought she could not live. She learned to cook because I needed a special diet. She forbade me to apologize. There was no shadow of a doubt, no disgust or fear that passed through her face during all this time.

Have you or your friends lived stories as deep as you are? Share them in the comments!

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