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10 people who are ready to do anything to charge their mobile


10 people who are ready to do anything to charge their mobile

What would you do if your phone’s battery goes down and that’s not really the time? Here are some answers that might be useful to you, just in case …

For a few years now, the smartphone is our life. And this does not only apply to young people, anyone with a smartphone is concerned. Our social life, our emails from work, our photos or our contacts, all this is concentrated in this small box, our precious. And without him, we are lost. 


Connecting your smartphone several times a day has become commonplace. And sometimes, the MacGyver in us can be imaginative. The proof with this top 10 people willing to give their lives to earn a few percent more battery because “the smartphone is life. “

If it’s to take pictures …

When Candy Crush is more important than the class

Hanging on his phone


The next morning festival-goers

Flat battery (year) e

Same fight…

For sure, she had tendonitis

Beh what ?!

What to keep a lifetime

If you recognize a person in your entourage who would do anything for a Like, a Tweet or a Snap, do not hesitate to share this article with her.

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