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10 Movies you can see on Netflix during Christmas


10 Movies you can see on Netflix during Christmas

Christmas is not long in coming out and among the many activities to make us pass the time, watching movies is one of the most popular. Netflix, the popular streaming platform for watching movies and series, offers a large library of works related to each special date on the calendar.

At WittyBubbles, we offer you a selection of the best Christmas movies available on Netflix, which you can watch with family, alone or with friends while waiting for the Christmas Eve. We hope you will find your happiness!


1. The Chronicles of Christmas (2018)

© The Christmas Chronicles / Ocean Blue Entertainment  

To begin our list of recommendations, we have the story of two brothers, Kate and Teddy, who have only one goal for Christmas: film a video of Santa Claus ( Kurt Russell ). When they manage to climb in their sled without being seen, they cause an accident that will endanger the end of year festivities. Once Santa discovers them, Kurt Russell’s ingenuity comes on the scene, with a masterly rendition of a rude, rustic and amusing character, far from the sweet old man we are used to seeing.


2. The Grinch (2000)

© How The Grinch Christmas Stole / Imagine Entertainment  

This classic, which will soon celebrate its twenty years, is really a film not to be missed. It revolves around a cruel character (in appearance) who hates Christmas and everything related to this holiday: the preparations, the joy of the children, the gifts, the sudden kindness of the people, the decorated Christmas trees and of course, the Father Christmas.


This blinding creature, the Grinch ( Jim Carrey ), lives in a remote mountain with his dog Max, but when a little girl named Cindy Lou ( Taylor Momsen ) calls him, he decides to join her and mix with others. But everything does not happen as planned and in addition to causing the rejection of the inhabitants, he will be up against the mayor of the city. After such a disaster, the Grinch sees no alternative but to spoil Christmas and steal all the presents, firs, sweets and food on the way.


3. 48 Christmas greetings (2017)

© 48 Christmas Wishes / Brain Power Studio  

This Canadian film tells a classic and typical Christmas story, but very cute and has all the elements necessary to watch it as a family.

When two little elves ( Khiyla Aynne and  Maya Franzoi ) accidentally lose all Christmas letters from a village, they will have to do their best to get them back. By infiltrating the small village victim of this tragic event, the elves will have to save the Christmas party they have endangered without wanting.


4. Super Christmas (1994)

© The Santa Clause / Walt Disney Pictures  

Another classic of the year 1994 that marked the childhood of many of us. Scott Calvin ( Tim Allen) is a divorced man who spends Christmas night with his son Charlie, in a restaurant after burning their meal. When they go home, weird sounds make Scott and Charlie come out to see what happens. What they find leaves them speechless: Santa Claus is dead and a word is at his side: “If something happens to me, put on the costume, the reindeer will know what to do”. From there, a new adventure begins for the father and his son, who accompanies him to ensure the role of Santa and that no child is left without gifts at the foot of the tree. To carry out their mission, they can count on the help of elf Bernard, Santa’s faithful companion, who will do his utmost to achieve his mission.


5. Saving Santa (2013)

© Saving Santa / Gateway Films  

Once again, Christmas is in danger. This time, it’s the fault of Bernard ( Martin Freeman ), a relatively clumsy elf who works for a company that protects the secrets of Santa Claus and has only one desire: to be part of his closest team. When suddenly, because of an error, the invention that protects the workshop of Santa Claus disappears, Bernard will have to use a machine to travel back in time and save Christmas at all costs.


With Martin Freeman’s wonderful interpretation of Bernard’s voice, this Christmas tale is perfect for young audiences.

6. Christmas in Snow Falls (2017)

© Christmas inheritance / MPCA  


This Christmas film tells the story of Ellen Langford ( Eliza Taylor ), young heiress of a gift company who, before taking possession of the company, must bring a Christmas card to the former co-worker of his late father, at Snow Falls. It sounds like an easy task, but when a big snowstorm keeps Ellen in a small village, she’ll have to settle in and work like any other inhabitant. In this journey, she will experience love, hard work and solidarity in difficult times, which will lead her to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas presents.

7. The Five Legends (2012)

© Rise of the Guardians / DreamWorks  


Speaking of magical stories, we are forced to mention The Five Legends , which is full of famous characters from the legends and customs of folklore: Santa Claus ( Alec Baldwin ), Easter Bunny ( Hugh Jackman ), Pitch the Bumble Bee ( Chris Pine ), Jack Frost ( Chris Pine ) and the Tooth Fairy ( Isla Fisher )

The protagonists of this “good team” are endowed with extraordinary powers, they will have to fight against Pitch the bogeyman and do everything so that the children do not forget them because otherwise, they cease to exist. Before the world becomes dark and sad because of the wicked, this group of magical beings must unite and protect the imagination of the little ones.


8. Sabrina’s New Adventures: Special Christmas (2018)

© Chilling Adventures of Sabrina / Warner Bros. Television  

In 2018, one of the greatest hits was Sabrina’s The New Adventures series , which chronicles the dark adventures of a teenage witch who is torn between her world and the mortal world, trying to become what her nature dictates to him, but at the same time, by not moving away from the terrestrial world to which belong his friends and his boyfriend. Between these two worlds, Sabrina fights injustices that should be eradicated from the universe of witches, by confronting Satan if she deems it necessary.

Curious, analytical, righteous and rebellious, Sabrina Spellman ( Kiernan Shipka ) faces the old traditions and customs of her family, led by her aunts Hilda and Zelda ( Lucy Davis and  Miranda Otto ) aided by her dear Salem, a black cat with extrasensory powers (even if he does not speak, unlike that of the original series).


For Christmas, Netflix has prepared a special Christmas episode composed of dark adventures, which will allow us to have a good time. He has been out since December 14th.

9. The Princess of Chicago (2018)

© The Princess Switch / Netflix  


This film is one of the most romantic. As part of the most prestigious pastry contest in the Kingdom of Belgravia, Stacy de Novo ( Vanessa Hudgens ), a pastry chef from Chicago, decided to participate. There, she meets Lady Margaret (also played by Vanessa Hudgens), a princess who is tired of her aristocratic obligations and stressed by her hasty marriage. Seeing themselves, they realize their strange resemblance!

Without thinking too much, the princess suggests to the confectioner to exchange roles for a few days, to get away from the responsibilities of her future marriage. The fun begins, but also the problems and confusions, which will allow them to learn many things.


10. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (2018)

© A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding / MCPA  

This romantic comedy recently released, is the second part of  A Christmas Prince , where the journalist Amber Moore ( Rose McIver ) meets Prince Richard ( Ben Lamb ) and eventually fall in love with each other. In the second part, we find a strong couple, who is about to get married, but faces a political crisis in Aldovia, where Amber will help Richard to keep his crown.

In parallel, preparations for the wedding continue and the big day is approaching. The wedding will take place during the Christmas season and everything looks perfect except Amber’s lack of confidence, which doubts her ability to be the future queen of Aldovia.


Bonus: Krampus (2015)

© Krampus / Legendary  

Although it is not a conventional film, it is nonetheless a Christmas story based on a legend from the Alpine countries, especially Austria. As legend has it, Santa rewards children who have behaved well during the year and if not, Krampus will take care of their fate.


In this terrifying movie with some comedy touches, Max, a child who no longer believes in Christmas after an argument with his parents ( Toni Colette and  Adam Scott ), unleashes the wrath of Krampus, to the point that terrible creatures bury their home. Max and his family will have no choice but to unite to defeat the mighty Krampus.

And you, which of these films do you want to see? Reply in comments.

Cover photo A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding / MPCA 


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