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10 Exercises that will tone your body when you’re stuck in the traffic jams


10 Exercises that will tone your body when you’re stuck in the traffic jams

The traffic jams are a nightmare that most people face when they go to work or school. They are also guilty of many modern diseases, such as stress. From the annual TomTom Traffic list , in which they qualify the bottling level of the world, we can find cities with the highest percentage of traffic jams. The first places are occupied by Mexico City, Bangkok and Jakarta; although it is likely that this problem is a common evil for all countries.

How could we defeat the terrible monster that torments all cities? WittyBubbles created this list of exercises with which you can carry out your sports routine during the transport time, but of course, without putting your safety in danger!


1. Neck

  • Start with a little relaxation. Move your neck as if you were trying to touch your right shoulder with your ear, stay in that position for five seconds and repeat the process to the other side.
  • Turn your neck to the left as if you were trying to see over your shoulder, always looking ahead, remember that you are driving. Repeat the movement to the other side.
  • The last step is to bend your neck down as if your chin was trying to stick to the chest. You must feel that the back of your neck is stretching.

2. Chin

  • The chin exercises also strengthen the neck. Put your head on the headrest of the seat and push backward making continuous movements. After a few repetitions, hold the pressure to the headrest for five seconds.
  • The next step is to place your left arm at the height of your forehead, resting your elbow on the window sill. Perform the same movements with the headrest, but this time, press your arm forward. Make short movements, then two long movements of five seconds. Do not lose sight of the road, the traffic light could go green!

3. Back and torso

  • Place both hands on the steering wheel at a medium height and extend your arms. You must push your body towards the seat, and feel your back open.
  • Keep the same position, and now, pull your body towards the steering wheel by opening your torso.

4. Arms

  • The work of the arms is carried out with the natural position of the driver, that is to say, by holding the steering wheel on each side. The idea here is to contract your arms with all your strength as if you wanted the steering wheel to fold in the middle. This exercise will help you work your arms, torso and shoulders. Performs the movement steadily for thirty seconds and pauses for twenty seconds.

5. Biceps

  • Take with you a bottle of water, a  thermos of coffee or even small dumbbells. Working the biceps in the car is convenient and does not compromise your safety. Just hold one of these objects in your hand and bend your arm.

6. Abdomen

  • Sit with your back straight and contract the abdomen, push it in as if you wanted to touch the seat. Keep this position for fifteen seconds and relax when you exhale.
  • Another exercise is to slightly tilt the chair, place your hands crossed on the chest and perform small series of traditional abdominals.

7. Shoulders

  • The movement of the shoulders is another exercise with which you can reduce the tension and relax the muscles. To practice it, you just have to go up and down your shoulders, a little bit of music will help you keep up. Repeat this exercise between fifteen and twenty times.

8. Glutes

  • This is a simple and almost imperceptible exercise. Contract the glutes for twenty seconds and relax. You can do as many rehearsals as you like.

9. Squats

  • To perform this exercise, the car must be completely stopped, for example when a traffic light is red. Place your legs at a 90 ° angle on the floor of the car and press it while trying to lift yourself a little from the chair. You will feel a balanced work throughout the lower part of your body.

10. Legs

  • The following exercise involves the same position as that for the legs. This time, you will have to put the palms of your hands on the lower part of your knees. Try to close your legs while applying force with your hands to open them. Hold the tension for fifteen seconds.

Tell us how you felt after applying these exercises during your car trips. Did you get rid of stress? Have you seen beneficial changes in your body?

Illustrator Natalia Tylosova



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