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Photos of brilliant things that you discover on vacation in Japan


Photos of brilliant things that you discover on vacation in Japan

Japan is not only considered the home of manga, anime and sushi but is also known for its beautiful scenery and extremely polite, restrained and hard-working population.

However, those who spend their holidays in the land of the rising sun will not only come across nice people, good food and lush cherry trees but also discover all sorts of unusual things that are unimaginable in this country:

1.) Japan is known not only for full subways but also for orderly queuing.

reddit / GoodGuyGoodGuy

2.) Clever toilet construction: So the water can be reused by hand washing for the next toilet flushing.

3.) Here the term “stair railing” was taken literally.


4.) The hospital dinner in Japan sets high standards.

5.) With the integrated foot baths, every train ride becomes a highlight.

6.) In Japan, when the bus drivers “strike”, they still bring their passengers to the destination, and for free! This increases the pressure on the respective companies and there is no inconvenience for the population.

7.) In the land of the rising sun, there are facilities for umbrellas. Thus, the unwieldy companions do not need to be carried unnecessarily through buildings and still not lost – ingeniously.

8.) Colorful fish on the roadside are nothing unusual there.

reddit / RoxanneYoung

9.) In Japan, advertising keeps its promises.


10.) Electronic displays in public toilets reveal which cabins are not occupied.

reddit / youknowitalotoomuch

11.) Japanese do not swim against the current.

reddit / zozozeze73

12.) Square watermelons are sold in the island’s supermarkets because they fit better in the fridge in this form.

reddit / RazerJoe

13.) Japan is when the suitcases are sorted by color at the airport.

reddit / 91424

14.) There are cell phone holders at many viewpoints to make the perfect photo via self-timer in front of a beautiful backdrop.

reddit / WhaleMeatFantasy

15.) Thanks to public paper rolls, smartphone displays can be cleaned quickly, easily and free of charge.

reddit / Luwast

16.) In Japan, mint-flavored toothpicks provide a clean breath after eating.

reddit / HellDiverz

17.) Japanese invariably park backwards.


18.) In chewing gum cans there are stacks of paper to dispose of any chewing gum clean after consumption.

reddit / Jerry_McPhee

19.) A look at the ground is worth it because in the land of the rising sun, there are beautiful Gullideckel.

reddit / Tombo_64

20.) Typical “chaos” in a Japanese shopping center.

reddit / RegionFree

Whether the toilet sinks and umbrella lockers, the square watermelons or the lack of shopping chaos – the 20 photos have clearly shown that not only is everything different in Japan, but also a bit more orderly.

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