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Most men shut up those 10 secret fears that haunt them


Most men shut up those 10 secret fears that haunt them

Even though science has shown that testosterone reduces the urge to cry when faced with a difficult situation and men are more likely to become angry or quiet, they are not immune fear. Society does not push them to boast about it, and yet they too experience their own anxieties.

How can fear and doubts hide in a muscular body, behind a firm gaze and under a virile beard? “It’s absurd!” Exclaimed the ladies in a disdainful tone. However, the absence of fear among men is only an idea received by society.

The WITTYBUBBLES team is constantly fighting stereotypes like this. That’s why today we want to introduce you to 10 things that concern most men.

10. Physical appearance

From a very young age, the woman is forced to think that her figure must always tend towards an ideal, forcing her to undergo strict diets and training. This pressure seems to be less prevalent among men, but that does not mean that they do not care about their physical appearance and do not compare their bodies to those on magazine covers. On the contrary: why do men spend so much time at the gym? The most painful for a man is to be told that he has a beer belly.

9. Finances


Finance is one of the main sources of male anxiety. From childhood, they are told that they will have to support their families. Even men who do not yet have families care about the state of their finances, believing in vain that this is an important factor in a relationship. Yet for women, attention and affection are the things that matter most. If your wife forces you to make more money, consider separating.

8. The size


How not to worry then that one of the first characteristics of the “perfect” man is his size? If men knew that women did not attach so much importance to size, they would dare to seduce them more. As they say, it’s not the size that counts, but the depth of the heart.

7. The threat of other men


The jealousy of men is not always as visible as that of women, but it affects pride and self-esteem. Even if your spouse does not react when you tell him that your co-worker is very intelligent, he will certainly worry about it and perceive him as a potential rival. To get rid of this fear, speak openly with your spouse, to convince him that there is no threat.

6. Lack of experience in romantic relationships

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The image of the macho continues men into their nightmares. They feel obese to believe that they are experienced lovers, and to lie about the number of their conquests. In reality, they are as afraid as women of doing something wrong and ruining everything. Support and openness in all circumstances will help them feel more confident about themselves.

5. Hairiness

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The hairs on the body is the eternal problem of men. If they do not have one, they do not feel manly enough, and if they have too much, they think it’s beastly and neglected. Not to mention the problem of baldness, which is one of the hardest for men. If you really care about your spouse, then do not aggravate these anxieties in your comments.

4. The schemes


The phrase “I’m on a diet” comes out mostly from women’s mouths. But if a man mentions something about a diet, women will look at him suspiciously. Yet men also pay attention to their line and what they eat. They all want to be slim and healthy, but they do not talk as much about it.

3. The relationship with their girlfriend


How many articles have we read in women’s magazines about how to save her marriage? If a man starts talking about it, women will find that weird, right? And we often fall into the trap that society gives us. A man is a brutal creature who does not have to deal with the trivialities on which women tear their hair. And yet, men also want their couple to be well.

2. The number of men their wives knew before them

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If before meeting her half, a woman has had relationships with a large number of men, then the man will imagine himself competing with these “ghosts”, one way or another. Moreover, the man can worry about his lack of experience compared to others. The important thing is to let him know right away that the past belongs to the past, and that today he is the one you chose.

1. The open expression of his emotions

“Do not cry, you are a man!”, Is a phrase that is often heard addressed to boys. In trying to make them strong, parents and society teach them that in adulthood, one must contain one’s emotions, so as not to appear as someone weak. Do not put oil on the fire, if you see that he is sad or crying, do not tell him that a man must know how to overcome difficulties. Like you, he does not have to hide his emotions.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you ever suffered as a man from one of these situations? So, tell me!

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Source: Sympa-sympa

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