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Here are the secrets about Backstreet Boys to discover before their big world tour


Here are the secrets about Backstreet Boys to discover before their big world tour

Fans of one of the most famous bands of the 90s can only be happy to learn that the five playboys of the time decided to meet for an international tour. On the program: a tour planned for 2019 and a new album entitled DNA . 25 years later, even if it seems incredible, their fans are still present that it is the generation of the 90s or that of the years 2000. The group has been a worldwide success thanks to their tubes and their physical bad boys charmers. Do you want more information? So read this article to the end!

WittyBubbles team takes advantage of the announcement of the return of the group to make you discover some very crispy secrets about them. Good reading !

1. The young Nick Carter

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So…how many BSB posters did you have on your walls? 🤔 #TBT

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Nick was only 13 when he joined the group. In addition, he also had auditions to work at the “Mickey Mouse Club”, a program created by Walt Disney. His mother preferred that he work on a television program rather than going to sing and shoot video clips. For her, it had a logic: a job and next, studies. Disney offered a $ 50,000 contract to Nick, who refused to join the group.

2. The temporary withdrawal of Kevin Richardson

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Just rescued! Welcome to the family Baloo! Thank you @barknbitches for what you do! #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #bullybreed

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Kevin Richardson decided to put aside his career in the group in 2006 to begin a new chapter in his life. Was it related to the fact that a year later, Kevin announced that he was going to be a father? Perhaps … During a concert given by the group in 2012, the return of Richardson was announced with great enthusiasm and with that, the promise of a new record that would bring together the five founding members of the group.

3. Ryan Gosling could have been part of the group

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Hotter than hell 🔥 #ryangosling #ryanthomasgosling #lalaland #firstman #tiff #thenotebook

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4. Brian Littrell has his own foundation

In 1998, Brian was forced to stay in the hospital for an open-heart operation due to a health problem that dated from his birth. After going through this horrible experience, he decided to create a foundation to help children who suffer from heart disease. This organization is called “Health Heart Club For Kids” and helps children receive medical care and grants to treat their illnesses.

5. Nick Carter in “Edward with Silver Hands”

Nick Carter was only 10 years old when he made his appearance in Tim Burton’s film “Edward with Silver Hands”. The scene where he is seen playing in front of the door of a house in a swimsuit is none other than the one where Peg takes Edouard to discover his neighborhood for the first time.

6. What Kevin Richardson did before becoming part of the famous band

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Nothin like watching football 🏈 w your best friend! #chiefskingdom #gochiefs🏈 #NFL #nflkickoff2018

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Prior to joining Backstreet Boys, Kevin worked at Disney World in Orlando. He was responsible for giving life to the character of Aladdin and one of the Ninja Turtles. It is in this same park that he knew Kristin, his wife, who played the role of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”.

7. An impressive Guinness Record

The group succeeded in 2016, bringing together the most people and different nationalities in a single Jacuzzi. It happened while they were in Florence, Italy, during a cruise around the Mediterranean basin. They managed to involve some thirty people of different nationalities. The fans just had to show their passport and stay 5 minutes in the water.

8. The most difficult time for Howie

Howie lost her sister in 1998, affected by lupus. He could not be there for her in the last moments of her life because of her commitments to the group and their movements. In order to honor his memory and help those affected by this disease, he decided to create the Dorough Lupus Foundation. The goal is to cover the costs of caring for the disease and to do research to try to improve the lives of patients.

9. “Johnny NoName” (Johnny SansNom)

10. Tribute to the famous Spice Girls

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Celebrating all of the girl power that’s kept us going for 25 years. #SpiceBoys #BSBCruise2018 📸: @shaggs

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For the sixth edition of their cruise around the Mediterranean BSB CRUISE, they decided that the party would have a specific theme: the 1990s. For this special evening, the members decided to pay homage to the Spice Girls by disguising themselves like them. Kevin as Victoria Beckham, Aj de Mel B, Nick as Emma, ​​Howie de Geri and Brian de Mel C.

Bonus: Some videos for the nostalgic of the 90s.

“As Long As You Love Me”


“I’ll Never Break Your Heart”

Do you know this band? Which song do you prefer? Write a comment in the section below.

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