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Barbie Hulk: a young woman with an angelic face frightens most men with her physique


Barbie Hulk: a young woman with an angelic face frightens most men with her physique

Observing the face of this young woman makes us think of a model, a doll because of her nice and soft features.

A girl of 20 years, like those of her age, pretty, with soft lines and a sweet look.

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Her name is Julia Vins and she loves exercise and the gym.

As a child, she felt that her face was not in accord with what she felt and wanted. Everyone saw her as a doll and she did everything a girl her age did.

The good student studied music, participated in extracurricular school activities, made art.

But at 15 he started doing what he was passionate about, going to the gym.

Source: Pinterest

“I did it to raise my self-esteem and to have more confidence in myself, apart from that I loved it. I always felt that my body did not fit into what my mind wanted. “

“There I made a deal with a coach who told me I had good skills as a weightlifter and I started training,Julia said.

Source: Pinterest

At the moment his training is of four weekly sessions with a duration of four average hours.

Eat six meals in small portions a day, where there is no shortage of cheese, rice, vegetables, eggs and chicken.

Source: Pinterest

Her work has led her to participate in some championships and in 2014 she broke the record in Moscow by lifting 180 kg in squats and 105 kilos in the press.

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She has an account on the Instagram social network where she encourages other girls to practice sports and has more than 200 thousand followers.

She is a beautiful woman who does not lose her femininity or grace even in the moments she trains. He puts on makeup, picks up his hair and is always well presented.

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The girl with the doll face who has come to call the “muscular Barbie” has a body quite developed with the practice of sports.

A decision that fills her and makes her feel good about herself.

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