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7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford


7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

At times, one might think that multimillionaires compete with each other, and try to find out who will do the strangest, most bizarre and even the most insane things. And it’s quite logical when you think about it: when you get astronomical sums of money, you can only spend them on something that is not for sale. And there, everything depends on the imagination, which is only limited by the laws of physics. Although … not always!

WittyBubbles has discovered how millionaires are spending their money and has selected seven original purchases.

1. Clive Palmer: the construction of “Titanic II”

7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

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Australian politician Clive Palmer announced in 2013 that he would build the Titanic II. It will be an exact copy of the most famous boat in history, but with improved functions in terms of technical possibilities and with more modern safety parameters: for example, it will have a more robust hull and a sufficient amount of canoes. rescue. It should be finished by 2022.

2. Richard Branson: building a space shuttle for wealthy tourists

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, spent $ 200 million on the construction of a space shuttle. In the near future, he plans the organization of trips in orbit for all those interested and especially for those who can afford a flight to $ 250,000. The shuttle has not yet begun to transport tourists, but more than  900 tickets have already been sold so that the cost of its construction is already amortized.

3. Stephen Cohen: the purchase of a tiger shark

Multi-millionaire Stephen Cohen loves collecting items that are out of the ordinary. Thus in 2004, he bought a shark kept in a transparent solution so that the animal does not disintegrate, for the sum of … 12 million US dollars! It is a work by the artist Damien Hirst entitled ” The physical impossibility of death in the spirit of a living being” . Two years later, it was discovered that the solution used was not adequate and that the shark was beginning to decompose. So Stephen simply replaced the solution and placed a new shark in the tank.

4. Sheikh Hamad: engraving one’s own name in the earth

7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

© Google Maps  

During our childhood, we like to mark our objects with our first names so that everyone sees who they belong to. And it’s very much in the same spirit that Sheikh Hamad, by buying his own island in 2004, had his name written there. The inscription HAMAD, whose dimensions are 1,700 meters by 500, can be seen from space. Nevertheless, two years later, Hamad was already tired. He therefore covered the inscription with sand. Even so, the label on Google Maps has remained on this site.

5. Bidzina Ivanishvili: moving trees

7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

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The entrepreneur and former Minister of Georgia, Bidzina Ivanishvili, admires the ancient trees. In the coastal territories of Georgia, very rare old specimens are extracted for replanting on the private land of the entrepreneur. One day Ivanishvili had a  tree weighing more than 560 tons. It was also necessary to dig a whole canal, build a road and make a tunnel through the territory that contained other trees, less old.

6. Bill Gates: buying and building your own city

7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

© Blade Runner 2049 / @ Alcon Entertainment   © wikimedia  

Bill Gates spent $ 80 million to buy a 100-square-kilometer plot in the state of Arizona to build Belmont, his own “smart” city where a community of people with advanced mentality will live. The main feature of this city will be the use of all possible new technologies: residents will have at their disposal “smart homes”, piloted vehicles, autonomous services, data centers, advanced schools, intelligent infrastructure and the “space” speed of the Internet.

7. Jeff Bezos: an “eternal” watch

7 Totally crazy things that only multimillionaires can afford

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The richest man in the world and founder of Amazon has spent $ 42 million in a watch that will run for ten thousand years. The development of this technology has been successfully completed for twelve years. The clock will be inside Mount Diablo in West Texas. And not so long ago, his installation began. On his Twitter account, Bezos published a video explaining the editing of the first part of this “eternal” clock.

Now, we would like to know what you would do if you were in possession of such wealth … What would you buy? Your own country? A living dinosaur? Your own “Death Star”? Share with us the most original ideas in the comments.

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