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25 poorly designed and confusing things that can be found everywhere


25 poorly designed and confusing things that can be found everywhere

You’ve probably experienced this kind of situations dozens of times: you walk a shop looking for a nice t-shirt and you find one that says: “Do not be happy. Worry “. Or, you look at the ceiling of the public toilets and you realize that there is a giant mirror overlooking you. The design flaws are all around us, and we can hardly escape.

WittyBubbles has selected for you 27 pictures of things so badly designed that you will want to do it yourself!

1. Not the best advice in the world …

“Do not be happy, be concerned!”

2. Is this really the best location for a basketball board?

3. English is not so easy!

“Stay, feel, live better”

4. For a well-ventilated bathroom …

5. Is there a Europe with two “r’s” in a parallel world?


What is missing ?


6. Safety first!

No security

Smoking first

7. “That’s not what you believe!”

8. Certainly the work of a professional painter …

9. The sense of proportion …

10. Is it really a toilet for the disabled?

11. A keen sense of intimacy:

12. Indeed, it looks like they cost less …

Our 25-pound glasses do not look like 25-pound glasses.

13. Who goes down the stairs this way?

14. Not sure this is the best advice for teenagers …

Take action, take control, leave school!

15. Has the creator of this clock ever seen a needle watch?

16. Here is a beautiful acrostic!

17. Another example of toilet privacy:

18. Poor Jessica, her family is about to be devoured …

Eat Jessica’s family

19. The intention is laudable, but there is only one trash bag …

20. Good luck if you want the bathtub to fill up completely!

21. At least they decided to find a solution to the problem …

22. The more you size your pencil, the more you are encouraged to take drugs …

Too cool to take drugs

Cool to take drugs

Take drugs

Drug addicts

23. Boxer shorts for mutants

24. If the cup says it …

Rest weird

25. “Now, yes, I’m terrified!”

Surprising, is not it? If you have chaotic and funny pictures like this, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!

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