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22 Photos that show the world is completely crazy


22 Photos that show the world is completely crazy

The world we live in is a fascinating place whose mystery goes beyond what we could imagine. Sometimes, this beauty literally jumps in the eyes of those who know how to observe. Today, WittyBubbles has selected for you 22 breathtaking photos from around the world. They will surprise you. 

Bridge over a frozen river

© art-on  

Room in a submarine hotel in Dubai

© onedio  

Glass path 1430 meters high, China

© my_tagimg  

Melissani: Pure water lake, Greece

© lewerta  

Path through the Death Valley, United States

© (с) Mazouz Shana  

Shadow of an airplane, projected through the fog, Logan Airport, Boston. 

© teostie  

Millennium oak which houses two chapels within it, France.

© vivefeliz  

A drawing made entirely with straight lines. 

© imgur  

Glass swimming pool project between two buildings, London. 

© media.guim  

Its construction will take place during the first half of 2017.

Mount Everest seen from a plane.

© infoglaz  

Fish sculptures made with plastic bottles, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

© blogspot  

Bridge made with the roots of a tree, Indonesia.

© platechno  

They took 26 years to build it.

The path of death. Height: 2130 meters, China.


Ceiling for parking, made with 1500 plastic bottles, United States.

© tricks-of-grandma  

Light of the Moon on the mountains. 

© drunktiki  

The sun between the chimneys of the factories.

© vs  

White Cliffs on Iturup Island, Russia.

© nationalgeographic  

One of the less common dog breeds: Tibetan Dogo or Tibetan Mastiff.

© ytimg  

The incredible beauty of this drawing, made entirely with colored pencils.

© blogspot  

Salines of Uyuni, Bolivia. 

© vetton  

Bay of Novy Svet village, Crimea

© trashin  

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