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18 Jokes that made everyone cry: some laugh, others anger and others … for fear!


18 Jokes that made everyone cry: some laugh, others anger and others … for fear!

At the bottom of each of us sleep a little joker a little heavy who never loses an opportunity to make fun of others. And we do it all: from our friends to individuals a little out of the ordinary. The first ones can really annoy you, and the others, you can not stop laughing!

WittyBubbles found 18 jokers on the net who play a lot of their jokes and have laughed many others (although some do not seem to appreciate too much, at first glance).

18. An effective way to make a small joke to people working in nearby skyscrapers or flying by helicopter

© OctopussSevenTwo / imgur  

17. They put a cardboard silhouette of Mr. Bean in the toilet to scare visitors

© Reddit__PI / reddit  

16. “I went to work on my birthday”

© boinkers1990 / imgur  

15. In the United States, a few high school students put together a joke before their graduation: the director went to work in the morning and found a car that had entered the “smashed wall” ” from his office

© LokiOnTheCouch / imgur  

In reality, it was not a real accident. The teens stuck a large black canvas on the wall with duct tape to make it look good. Just in front of the canvas, they put half a car and scattered bricks around, as if they had been propelled by the shine.

14. This could cause a heart attack

© illrateyourtitle / imgur  

13. “I replaced my friend’s soap with a piece of cheese”

© milodeceiving / reddit  

12. This soap dispenser works! But not in the way we expect

© Scaulbylausis / reddit  

11. This young man has prepared a surprise for his girlfriend

© SpeedflyChris / imgur  

10. “When I visited my friend, I almost had a heart attack while going to the bathroom”

© AJEstes / reddit  

9. When your friends are really fun

8. Someone stuck on the empty evacuation plan a post-it with written “Run”

© TheRockzSG / reddit  

7. When only one letter can catch the attention of all spectators

© geomuelo / reddit  

6. When a “grandfather” annoys passers-by, it makes anyone laugh

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5. A joker sticks a label that says “push” on a door that opens outward

© livinin82 / reddit  

4. “My boss went to see the movie ‘Deadpool 2’ this weekend. Today, at work, I found this “

© Cogsmith13 / reddit  

3. When you are quiet with your friend, you eat a pizza, when suddenly …

2. A very simple way to win a contest from the biggest watermelon eater

© Axeeel / imgur  

1. They may sound a bit harsh, but they’ve definitely fallen in love with this magic trick

What kind of jokes do you make to your friends? Tell us everything in the comments!

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