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17 strange and fun design ideas at the same time


17 strange and fun design ideas at the same time

You can decorate your house yourself or, on the contrary, ask a designer to create something special for you. Imagination and fantasy can sometimes be limitless so that many interiors can seem very strange, but at the same time be great and even very practical. In this article, you will find creative ideas that can give any space a truly unique atmosphere.

At WittyBubbles we found 17 images that show that some design ideas can be very odd but extraordinary at the same time.

1. Egg sofa … Do not hesitate to sit down!

© Cuiz’in / facebook

2. A rather appetizing piece of furniture

3. A little stress shot can help make things easier

4. A strange but smart solution to keep the heat inside

5. Mark a basket!

6. Business meetings can also be very fun

7. Would you buy a door like that?

8. Bubble bathroom

9. “I’m a little seasick …”


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YES OR NO!? wonders whether that’s the ugliest house they have shown so far! What are your thoughts? Spanish house is dug into a hillside, needs no heat or cooling. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF Via @archdaily @treehuggerdotcom #GilBartolomeADW #TreeHugger #weirddesign #funnydesign #yesorno #uglybeauty #beautifulugliness #Spanisharchitecture #GranadaCoast #Spain #Salobrena #gaudi #Gaudiesque #contemporaryarchitecture #buriedhouse #mountainhouse #housecave #cavedwelling #bespokehouse #digitaldesign #craftsmanship #locallabour #roof #metalmesh #insulation #heating #cooling

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10. The best position to sleep

11. This carpet is really strange

12. So that’s really great!

13. “I want a bed like this!”

14. A very smart idea so people do not run in the hallway

15. How long did it take to paint that ?!

16. Good appetite!

17. Somewhere in Wonderland …

Tell us in the comments below if you liked these crazy ideas of design and if you appreciate the novelty and the unusual things!

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