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15 awesome genetic surprises


15 awesome genetic surprises

Thousands of different genes, stored in our genome, can appear in the most unexpected combinations. For example, red hair sometimes skips generations until they reappear suddenly in a family. These predispositions and recessive mutations lead to a surprising diversity!

The following list shows people who have inherited special characteristics and are proud to share them.

1) “I have only one sister: she has red hair and the eyes will see … Incredible.”

2) Father and son. One wonders if the beard will grow so much later?


3) A congenital pigmentary disorder makes this man have white hairs on the eyebrows, eyelashes and beard.

4) Just like mom.

5) Nobody believes them when they say they are twin.

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6) “Many think that my eyes on the photos have been photoshoped …”

7) ” … but this photo proves the opposite.”

8) These two friends complement each other perfectly!

9) “All members of our family have red hair, except my grandmother and aunt.”

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10) “We are the largest albino family in the world – and we are proud of it.”

11) “I’m Eurasian and I have red hair, how do you find this mixture?”

12) “I am neither albino nor Melanesian, I am a light-eyed, light-haired, dark-skinned person. (I really exist)”

13) “Our father is European and our mother is Argentinean, my sister has light hair and blue eyes, I have dark skin, everyone teases us with that.”

14) “My twin brother is a real Irishman, but not me.”

15) The power of genetics!

The power of genetics is infinite! The combinations offer a hallucinating diversity that never fails to impress us. What do you think ?

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