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12 Perfect Christmas gifts for your partner

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12 Perfect Christmas gifts for your partner

Christmas is coming, and finding the perfect gift for each of our loved ones is beginning to terrify us all. To make your life easier and save you time, we have put together a list of fabulous things found at AliExpress , which will surprise your half for sure.

At WittyBubbles we know that you want to find the perfect gift for the sake of your life, that’s why we offer you these 12 ideas with which you will be able to please him in an original way.

1. Fountain pen

© Aliexpress   © Free-Photos / Pixabay  

This gift is ideal for those who like writing a lot , because writing with a fountain pen is softer and more elegant. It is always useful to have one handy, especially when working in an office and having many documents to sign. Fountain pens also help to better protect the environment, since when the ink is exhausted, simply change the cartridge or fill the inkwell. You can find several models can find this style and others here .

2. Urban backpack

© Aliexpress   © bruce March / Pexels  

A leather backpack to take your stuff to work or use when you go out is a good gift for your partner. There are different colors, textures and styles. Find the one that best suits your half here .

3. Ancient Compass

© Aliexpress   © Aliexpress   © Christopher Rusev / Unsplash  

This ancient compass is ideal if you and your partner love rock climbing or mountain hiking  – a perfect gift for an adventure lover! You can personalize it with your initials, your names or a message of love on the back. Several models are here .

4. Retro Radio

© Aliexpress   © Aliexpress  

Do not be afraid, this radio looks old but it is very modern in its operation. It has  Bluetooth, a USB port and a digital station search . It will also serve as a perfect decoration for your partner’s office or favorite room. You can find her here .

5. Bookends

© Aliexpress   © Aliexpress  

If your partner likes to read, a bookend is a great gift. They come in different styles and shapes. You can find one with your initials or his, or  with his favorite fictional character . You can buy it here .

6. Bluetooth speaker

© Aliexpress  

For gadget and music lovers, a portable speaker is a great gift. They exist in  different sizes, shapes and prices . We recommend that you find one based on your partner’s personality. You will find several models here .

7. Pajamas

© Aliexpress  

Pajamas are always a good gift. Look for comfortable materials , preferably cotton, with your partner’s favorite colors or characters. You will find several models here .

8. Wristwatch

© Aliexpress  

Watches are one of men’s favorite accessories . There are many materials, colors and brands. If your partner is more athletic, find a casual design. If he is an executive in business, find a more serious model. Of interchangeable straps allow varying styles, and combine well with many outfits. You will find different models here .

9. Sports bag

© Aliexpress  

A bag with which he can go to the gym or practice his favorite sport is an ideal gift for your partner. Make it spacious enough to fit anything you need, waterproof if it’s outdoors, and preferably in dark or neutral colors so you can combine it with anything. You will find several models here .

10. Barbecue kit

© Aliexpress  

We love all barbecues, and men especially love to grill . If your partner is a lover of this kind of meal, a barbecue kit will be a fantastic gift for him. You will find the model of the photo here .

11. Card holder

© Aliexpress   © Aliexpress  

A wallet for storing credit cards is always a good gift idea. There are different materials and colors, but we recommend sober and simple tones, because it makes them more elegant. This model and others are here .

12. Wireless headphones

© Aliexpress   Life Of Pix / Pexels  

Whether your partner listens to music while working or playing sports, headphones are an ideal gift for anyone who wants quality sound. You can find different colors and brands. There are even some that work wirelessly via Bluetooth. You will find them here .

We hope this list has given you some ideas for your Christmas shopping. Let us know your comments in the comments below.

Cover photo Aliexpress , Aliexpress 

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