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10 women’s shoes hated by men


10 women’s shoes hated by men

Shoes are a great passion for many people, especially the fairer sex! There is a huge variety, which drives consumers to have more and more.

After an investigation, it turns out that some models of women’s shoes are hated by men. Here is the list:

1. Flip flops 

In one survey, more than half of the men said the flip-flops were unsightly. At the beach, it’s one thing, but in everyday life, it’s no! Well, too bad for them 😉

2. The ballerinas 

We do not know if it’s because of the small laces in front of or the shape, but men hate ballerinas. However, if we put aside the fact that this is a nest with bad odors, these shoes are comfortable, cute and practical.

3. The sneakers

The sneakers on women are not really of the taste of the men, because according to them, it is not elegant. But there is nothing more comfortable than walking in sneakers, so even if it does not please men, too bad!

4. The babies

Men are not too fond of the form which, according to them, is too childish. We could understand their point of view, but if you like these shoes, then do not hesitate.

5. The kitten heels

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The small heels or wide heels are, according to gentlemen, less elegant. But for us, they are hyper confo and good for our backs, so why deprive ourselves?

6. The Uggs

These boots make a lot of men and women talk about her and there are two schools: those who love them and those who hate them.

7. Offset 

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The compensated is a great success with the fairer because in addition to being elegant, they are very comfortable and you can travel long distances with. For men, it’s a different story: they would like to be able to kick them from the shoe closet, but what do they know about fashion?

8. Loafers 

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The most elegant alternative to ballerinas is moccasins. But they are just as hated as others by men.

9. Platform shoes 

Men simply hope that this fashion will eventually pass … Women take full advantage!

10. The Crocs

Even if many of us have some, we can only agree with the men on this one: NEVER wear these shoes except in the house, or in the garden.

Men have the right to have opinions, but the most important thing is the comfort and choice of women. We dress for ourselves and not for any male endorsement, and thinking the opposite is a big mistake. You have to think of yourself and carry what you want, when you want it and where you want it. And this also goes in the opposite direction!

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